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  1. that the next street fighter (street fighter 4) will revolve around a new rivalry between Q and Oro!
  2. I did a search through the site and i found ZERO remixes! does anybody else love guilty gear music as much as me?
  3. cave story if that counts as crap
  4. alright im sorry i offended you. il never use generalization as a tool of convenience again, even though i said that i liked iMushroom and cave moon rhapsody.
  5. When i found this site, i had never used forums before. When i figured out how to use forums, I still didn't see a use for joining the forum, because of how quickly it was updated. I'm not bitching about the quality of the music, i'm just stating my opinion. don't cry. that blindpreview was really cool. Most of the stuff i have kept from this site is some of the tranquil chrono trigger stuff, definitely megaman and street fighter mixes, stuff by mcvaffe, paragon, and po!. I'll probably always visit this site for the as long as i can see into the future, its worth it just to find the diamond in the rough. i think alot of the sonic stuff has been done to death, because of how good the original tracks were, but all of em pretty much pwn with the nostalgia bonus
  6. I still come check the site regularly, but i almost never skim through anything but the frontpage stuff, and i only keep maybe a 10th now. i'l probably always visit the site cause its a great site.
  7. IMHO, in the past few months, some of the remixes t hat come out on the front page are just horrible. I thought they were supposed to be the cream of the crop remixes? I'm open to all sorts of music, slow, smooth, jazzy, metal, electronic (which has been pretty adequately fulfilled by megeaman remixes alone), even some of the vocal stuff on here. But man, i don't know if its a general decline in quality, but some of the stuff is at the very least, undeserving of the front page. I think the last remix i heard and didn't delete was th iMushroom one, and the last really good one i heard was the cave moon rhapsody one. Am i nuts, or does anybody else feel me on this one?
  8. well where applicable, my post applies lol. Yours is fine, the album in general wasn't as upbeat/attractive as the preexisting ones, thats all im saying.
  9. I felt that for almost ALL of the tracks remixed, there were already better remixes out there. Most of these are satisfactory at the least, the rap was better than most of the lyrical remixes ive heard, but much better remixes already exist. just my 2 cents
  10. what is the best place for me to sell my wow gold?
  11. i quit today. i finally quit. you can take me off this list
  12. little bit of trivia: most of you guys already know kate from kate's playground plays wow, but i found out today Brandi Belle from BrandiBelle.com (produced by bangbros) has a 50 on Illidan. Email her about it if your interested, she responded to me in 3 hrs.
  13. inspiring presence is pissing me off. It's bad enough alliance have pallies now they get that shit? I wouldn't care if they made draenei better than bloodelves (functionality wise) but to make them better in group pve is ridiculous. lmfao at mana tap giving a warrior 60 rage.
  14. azuregos went to org once
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