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  1. First off, sorry for the late reply... Thanks for the advice. $300 is less than I was expecting. Still something to work towards, but better than I thought. 200? That's impressive, to say the very least!
  2. Reason? Hm... Electronic? Neat... Most of what I've done/attempted so far has been some sort of electronic genre, and I tend to like that kind of style. I've heard one of your pieces; "Mark of the Diskarmor." It was unfinished at the time, but it definitely seemed good. I've also made some stabs at orchestral and other music-- a waltz (Tomahawkman MM6) and a march (Terra's Theme FF6), and then others of undecided genres. Ever tried mixing categories within a piece? I don't always like the result, but sometimes it can really bring out feeling in a piece, or set it apart...
  3. Thanks for all the suggestions. ˚w˚ Logic sounds like a very good program, with the nice fact that it wouldn't require me to buy a new computer (I use Mac OS X); now I just need to save money... well, it's something to work towards. Cerrax, what types of music genre do you normally work on/prefer?
  4. Oh wow. Browsing through the tutorials and all, I never noticed that, somehow... I only could find ones for fairly expensive programs. Many thanks for the link!
  5. It would be more of a collaborative thing... I'm much better at coming up with ideas and the basic lines of a piece than creating a whole composition. Also, I use Garage Band as well, but only a demo version, not the latest one, I believe... As for posting an example of my work, would it be better to post an unfinished piece?
  6. Simply put, I'll probably never get anything accepted here at OCR because I can't afford the keyboards, programs, etc. which are used by most remixers, and which are generally a necessity for good sound and sample quality. My remixes often only get to about half-finished-- I can come up with ideas and get a good start on them, but I myself lack the tools and skill to drive them through to completion (with some exceptions... I have finished several remixes). I was wondering if anyone more experienced might be interested in taking the bases I make and finishing them. That might mean redoing th
  7. The mix of the delicate violins and bells with the chip-tune-esque electronic samples just doesn't work for me.... =/ I like where the mix is going, but I think you need instruments which are a bit more cohesive.
  8. I'm surprised with what you were able to do with the Link's Awakening intro ("Lucidic"). Not much to work off, but it came out nicely. I Anthem and My Turn to Dream are my favorites, and I've already heard Starbound, but I really liked listening to these other mixes. I found Lucidic, Red Sphere Blue Sphere, and Nemesis to be the best of the ones I hadn't heard before.
  9. Hm... which specific tracks does this contain? I don't recognize it offhand. The main instruments are a little harsh at times, and it sounds rather thin right now (try adding a bassline). Other than that, it seems off to a good start.
  10. Very nice so far. During the parts where the main melody is absent, try changing the drums (more so than just cutting one drum out). Also, do try to bring the melody in a bit more, since it actually seems not to feature during most of the remix, which is more based off the harmony and improvised additions. Good luck with the intro/outro...
  11. As stated, a remix of Ballad of the Windfish from TLOZ: Link's Awakening. I'm done with it... Comments are much appreciated. Edit: taken down.
  12. I'm really liking it so far. Sounds wonderful, especially from the voice clip (which I can't understand what they're saying... keep the peace?) and on. I can't really make any complaints about it, so I won't suggest anything, but nice job on what you have!
  13. It's very nice so far. I'm not sure if the vocal style fits though...
  14. Okay, thank you. I hope you finish it in the near future.
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