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  1. Yay it's up, looks to be awesome... I've got Azureus set so I'll listen in the morning. Congrats on the release guys!
  2. I just tried it on some Sonic 2/3 chiptunes, and what ends up happening is that, with minimal stereo usage, all the notes end up mushed in a line in the center. There are some evenly-spaced "bumps" along the line, representing the chords, but you can't really see too much in the way of distinguishing the instruments. That said, Lava Reef Zone 1 does look kinda cool; I'll see what I can do about a video. EDIT: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-5463088612673910678&hl=en (I just uploaded this, so the tags won't be live for a few hours, but the video plays fine)
  3. Not having Windows, I have absolutely no idea what's wrong, sorry. The port is extremely old, so you may want to try some sort of legacy compatibility mode or something, which IIRC Windows has buried somewhere. If you're really desperate, burning and booting an Ubuntu LiveCD and running it from there is always an option.
  4. Synaesthesia is the coolest music visualizer I've seen. It doesn't so something silly with the waveform, but is much more "musical"; as I understand it, it does a Fourier transform, displaying the frequencies along the y axis and displaying differences in the two stereo channels in the x axis (and doing some other cool stuff with color that I don't totally understand). Basically, you see higher frequencies near the top and instruments primarily on the left/right channels on the left/right of the screen. In this way, the visual is extremely representative of the music, e.g. you can often see i
  5. w00t! That's my birthday! Thanks in advance for the awesome and coincidental present (Can't wait!)
  6. Indeed, some awesome homebrew games and emulators. ScummVMDS is AWESOME, as is ircDS and DSLinux (for using retawq, a web browser). pasudoku is cool, and MegaETK is also AWESOME. DSDoom is pretty cool. Haven't tried too much beyond PicoDriveDS in the way of emulation; it seems acceptable, but not great. Assuming you legally own the SCUMM games and Genesis ROMs, all of the above is perfectly legal. DS piracy is of course not, but I could see a good argument for loading DS ROMs that you own for the ease of having them all in one place. In short, DS homebrew is expensive but waaay worth it.
  7. w00t-age. Too bad I can't stay up tonight... I must work all day tomorrow. And then we're leaving for Boston early the next morning. VGDJ on the plane to Boston I guess. Great work guys.
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