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  1. So, I've gotten around to working on it some more. I made the bass quieter and tried to make the transitions smoother and filled the empty parts a bit. @Superslacker: Sadly I don't have the possibility to play live. Any feedback is appreciated.
  2. Super Metroid - Red Brinstar Metroid / Super Metroid - Title
  3. Oooooh. Me Dig! I want to hear more of this. The original song doesn't do much for me, but this is definitely earworthy.
  4. Thanks all for the feedback so far. I'm working on the transitions and see what I can do with the rest. @Theophany: What production issues exactly? I must admit I'm not very good at anything beyond arrangements...
  5. Here's a mix I've had in my head for a while. Don't know if the title fits but right now I'm sticking with it. I'd appreciate any kind of feedback. Sources are Super Metroid - Red Brinstar Metroid / Super Metroid - Title Version 4 (I didnt upload v2 and v3)
  6. Hm, while listening to it I was always waiting for the song to "start". Something was missing for me...
  7. Very nice! Gave me shivers as well. Starts off very slow but gets this nice celtic feel and rhythm to it. OCR needs more of this!
  8. I like it and I want MOAR! How can I buy this album? I'm from europe and I don't think they allow MP3 selling on amazon in europe. And that would only be 10 of 15 tracks !!
  9. I'm listening to all the tracks right now and I must say this album blows my mind I'd like to contribute by offering a Mirror Download for a zip containing all MP3s and the cover art. I should have it up and running in about half an hour. Edit: Here it is! http://www.pin-city.de/OCRemix/OCR_Reserve_Tank_Variations.zip They say its unlimited bandwidth, but you still dont have to post it on Slashdot
  10. This is a remix of one the songs from Krackout, a horizontal blockbuster game on commodore. It's not quite done yet. The song is pretty much complete, but there are some parts / transitions I'm not satisfied with and I have no idea about mixing ^^; http://www.fictiongroup.de/Krackout.mp3 I don't really have a name for it yet, but I put one in here, so it'd be more distinguishable. Thanks for listening. I'd appreciate any kind of feedback.
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