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  1. My God, I love that funny bastard, AVGN. If there's anyone near his quality I want to check his stuff out. The Nostalgia Critic or The Guy With the Glasses are the closest thing I've ever seen. Long live these two great comedians.
  2. It's no where near the most enduring game of all time. That would StarCraft and I'm looking at things objectively on that. No other game is so old and still has the community that that game has. Hell, it's the American equivalent of Football over in South Korea. However, it's hard to argue that Final Fantasy VII isn't ONE of the most enduring games of all time and noticing such does not make one a fanboy. Hell, it's the highest rated JRPG over in Japan by the Famitsu community. Also, Squall was the emo. He was so emo he made me cry ... because someone designed him that way. It's sad that over in Japan such weak men are the norm and acceptable.
  3. Uhmm ... It's called two discs. it's 900MB (Almost 1Gb) because there's two discs. Two 450Mb discs. Weren't you in this project? Shouldn't you know this better than anyone else? Anyways, props to all involved. Just finished listening to most of it, and, as usual, the OCRemix community DOES NOT disappoint
  4. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA @ Nerdy insults I love this forum. I think I might just make myself a regular around here and troll for some more entertainment. This shit is priceless. Just the fact that you guys take yourself so seriously is beyond fucking hiliarous. It's hysterical.
  5. People who don't know what the fuck they're talk about are better off not talking. You most likely don't even listen to rap so you wouldn't know but ... http://www.hiphopdx.com/index/news/id.5971/title.soulja-boy-debunks-superman-dat-hoe-rumors And, jayc4life, your response is even worse. Don't ever get your slang from urbandictionary.com. It's worse than simply guessing. .. And, LEGOs are lame. I'm sorry but I "build" in real life; not in some fantasy land. kthxbye
  6. @The Damned: Certain things should be kept to yourself. That is one. Also, we all know Soulja Boy's got maaadd street cred
  7. Wow.. Looks like my topic lasted a few weeks longer than I thought I'm so proud. Anyways, here's more Soulja Boy news in regards to Screw Attack: http://screwattack.com/SouljaBoy/LetsDoIt http://www.screwattack.com/HardNews/021109 It's called a bump. Learn it. Also, LEGOs are lame and the old forums did die. Known fact.
  8. Why would anyone turn an anime into a live-action movie? It's bad enough when it's in cartoon form.
  9. Memory cards are stupid. Especially when they replace having an actually effective hard drive. I say it's about damn time memory cards were forgotten.
  10. I had an account before the old forums died. So.. um ... get a life? I'm going to be the bigger man here and leave or possibly close this topic. I hate arguing with nerds.
  11. My! How presumptuous. I've been here since 2002 for your information. I should play more Pokemon. But, seriously, everyone. This is all in good fun. Don't go off throwing a temper tantrum and flaming just because people think Soulja Boy is funny. You're all on a game music forum. Like someone else said, for **** sake have an open mind, you hypocrites. Almost all of you need to man-up and realize that. It's kind of hypocritical to assume others fail in ANYTHING regarding real-life, isn't it?
  12. Get laid please. It helps. Sorry we can't play more Pokemon, like real adult men do.
  13. http://screwattack.com/Random/WeAccept2 http://screwattack.com/node/14316
  14. DOES NO ONE HERE HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOR??? Damn, a lot of you people here need to watch some Comedy Central or something.. DAMN!
  15. I'm sorry. I can't really take this topic serious anymore so I wanted to add some humor.. Please, take no offense
  16. None of your damn business. Just kidding, it will happen whenever Soulja Boy mans up.. soo ... "forever" which happens to be coming up this 5th of Neve®mber
  17. I agree completely. I just didn't feel the need to respond this way because I've been in this community for years and I know that rap fans are hardly sparse here. NO WAI!!! GTFO NAO!!!!
  18. Yeah, I did too. Those text-reading banner programs work, apparently Let's turn this topic into various celebrities and see if they show up
  19. relyanCe, you are absolutely right! I was beginning to think I was the only one that understood this.
  20. @Ralphis: According to you, all celebrities are trolls. The meaning of "Troll" has been abused so much over the last few years it's ridiculous. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_troll
  21. I see you didn't get the joke Also, the people who think he knows what he's doing (Trolling on purpose) then you don't know Soulja Boy and his past internet crusades. He's doing it to get his name back on the internet. He wants to get a reaction because that's what's gotten him where he is. You think he's hurt by all of the "haters" on the internet who talk about his songs? No. Quite the contrary. Many of the 42 million views his official video has gotten is because of this. His entire career is based on this. He does it for career. That's not trolling. Also, being that I'm from Miami Gardens and am probably the most "wrapped" up in the Hip Hop culture of all the people in this topic.. I can tell you... He's not trolling. Yes, he's doing this for a reason. No, it's not the reason he named. Hell no, it's not the reasons you guys think. He doesn't know enough about trolling to be trolling. Then again, with kids these days the word "Troll" is thrown around so much it even means someone whose opinion you disagree with or someone who makes better topics than you. Maybe I'm being too much of a literalist here ...
  22. How about 50 Cent in his new game coming out? He's already put out a similiar challenge on the internet. Apparently, he's got a "I'm a better gamer" complex like Soulja Boy.
  23. @DJP: I highly recommend Persona 4 as your first Persona. Also, thanks for being awesome.
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