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  1. I'm VERY impressed! Most of the time, I skip over Zelda Main Theme remixes, mainly due to the fact that it seems most people hammer on that theme over and over and over until you just want the remix to end. You know, the type that plays the theme seven times straight, then just...ends. Very admirable job. Having the other themes to break up "Just Zelda" really really helps. Now...can someone find me a sword, shield, silly green cap, and maybe an Ocarina? I feel the need to go gallivanting off after Moblins and Like Likes.
  2. I'm a major fan of this song. The first time I really listened to it, though, I had to do a double-take... When I got to the end, I could've sworn I was listening to one of the Spider-Man openings! Good thing I'm a fan of those too, eh? ~(^.=.^)~
  3. I never post in the forums. Let me say that much right now. That being said... PLEASE do an awesome job on this remix project! And...PLEASE PLEASE don't forget my all time favorite from SD3: Meridian Child! I'd offer to do a track or two, but...alas, I'm merely one who enjoys music, and have little confidence in myself as an actual mixer. Knock 'em dead, people!
  4. Quite honestly, it's my favorite remix on the site so far. Not to say that there aren't other good mixes, by any means! Just that it's been stuck in my head for a little over a month now, and I'm still not tired of it! Not many songs receive that kind of praise from me. Keep up the awesomeness, and I'd love to hear another OWA remix from you, Trenthian! And by the way, Trenthian...yours is the first remix I've reviewed. It's one of the first to be worth it!
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