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  1. Are there any good books or online tutorials that deal with the topic of drum/percussion theory?
  2. On the subject of FL is it true Rewire can downgrade the quality of other DAWs? Down the track I wanna get Cubase, Vocaloid and Super Audio Kart and use them with FL, but not if it will downgrade the sound quality.
  3. I'm pleased about the time signature option. I was annoyed when I imported some MIDI's I made in Anvil only to find everything was rendered in 4/4.
  4. Is it possible to run Super Audio Kart in FL Studio through Rewire?
  5. So around the net there are a ton of places that offer custom vinyl pressings and I was wondering what everyone's opinion is on which one is the best for record/sound quality as well as quality of the slips. I one day want to make music and put it on vinyl, but I want it to be of the best quality possible.
  6. For several years I've been a piano guy but since I had to part ways with my keyboard over a year ago band can't get my hand on a new one I decided to take up guitar for something to practice music on since I have access to one. Now so far I'm following everything, making chords, strumming and all that makes sense but no matter how I place my fingers they seem to just lightly touch the strings they're not supposed to making it impossible to play chords. I can stretch my fingers way out but then I lose all flexibility in my hands making it even harder to play. I know I must be doing something wrong because my brother can play decently despite his hands being twice as big.
  7. Once upon a time I was determined to make music, but due to laziness, poverty etc I never got far. Recently I took it up again as a small side hobby and made this. Sorry if the mixing sounds bad, I don't have good headphones and my knowledge of mixing is lacking,
  8. Hey, is it possible to have bonus tracks like the Sonic CD album? I have an idea for Unknown From M.E which is already taken.
  9. The EP idea sounds good but if more music is what people want maybe a 2017/18 album?
  10. Over the last couple of days I've been replaying Red Rescue Team, and I've been reminded of what a rockin soundtrack it has. Which got me thinking, what about a remix album? Considering next year will be the 10th anniversary of the two games. Any thoughts? If this does get started up I wanna try and call dibs on Magma Cavern.
  11. I know my singing is pretty bad but I'm curious as to how bad and where I could improve the most.
  12. He did a couple of more. https://soundcloud.com/ajleloudon/my-church https://soundcloud.com/ajleloudon/link-falls
  13. My brother uploaded this track and I was wondering if you guys had any feedback for him. https://soundcloud.com/ajleloudon/dance-ok
  14. And I'm a complete beginner. So I was wondering what plug ins, drum samples, musical techniques etc will I need?
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