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  1. It warms my heart to see so much MM love. My friends always claim the other Zelda games to be better. Personally I play MM atleast twice a year if not more depending on how I feel. I'll pick up Ocarina 3D but I'm mainly hoping Nintendo will consider an MM remake along the same lines. Or if nothing else.. atleast a virtual console sale of it. Sure it won't be as amazing as a 3D remake.. but I'll take what I can get.

  2. Looking forward to this. I plan to pick my copy up the moment I pull them from the backroom at work and put them on shelves. Figure I can take my break at that time. It looks pretty good so far, and from what I've seen and heard the sound effects/music are mostly unchanged. I honestly hope this is well received as more than anything I'd love to see a Majora's mask 3DS. Oh how I'd love to see that mask spin out at me on the title screen in all it's 3D glory..

  3. So true about blood elves.. I love mine to death.. And Ram.. as for that rogue.. I've got him on my "shoot to kill" list as I'm out and about.. you will be avenged. Just looking at his profile saddnes me.. even if int does slightly increase his crit chance with poisons.. Players like that remind me of why my hunter catches so much flack even though I push hard to go above and beyond the image.

  4. The whole group thing is how I feel about horde anymore.. I play Aman'thul as ally and Nagrand as my horde.. I go on my hunter in about 3 hours of dungeon grinding I've done my standard heroic Valor cap so I can safely do a Zul everyday for the rest. I figure seeing as my dailies are finished I'll hop on my mage horde side.. I go to horde.. 5/5 runs with the worst groups known to man. Healers taking non spirit based cloth that has hit on it, then doubling right back around taking the cloth stuff too. Bad tanks.. etc.. I beat my head against the keyboard then not play Nagrand for another month.

  5. Some country is okay. Alot of it though just drives me nuts.. it's always about a dog dying.. a wife walking out.. a man drinking away his problems as he sings about how he just wouldn't be a country boy if he didn't have a pick up truck.. After while I've started to believe they're all singing about the same dog. they were all left by the same woman that really gets around. And they all frequent the same bar.

  6. Prophet, Dragon Quest ties together loosely in and of itself. For example DQ IV and V has a theme of a legendary hero which you know far more about in DQ IV. However they were wise enough to make it vague enough in DQ V that you can live not knowing said details as your characters are really clueless as well. You don't have to play the games in any specific order to understand them. So if you wish to step into them do so at your leisure starting where you want.

    Some of the games can become a bit of a grind depending on the type of player you are. If you like a challenge you can survive perfectly fine with a right group set up and going in prepared without having to stop somewhere and grind out levels. If you like to roflstomp a boss then prepare for a grind ahead of you. I highly recommend DQ V to you though because it's got a nice balance of game elements to it. It has a well done story as I said before. The pacing to it doesn't feel rushed. You have some characters that are well defined where it's necessary but kept bland enough when appropriate. One of the recurring villains in it.. They make him a character you definitely loathe for personal reasons directly tied to the story. And the ability recruit and train a group of monsters to round out your team to your liking is a very nice addition to a solid system.

    Overall it just has plenty to do, it's simplistic enough to just pick up and play. And it's got some extras like a few casinos, the TNT boards, some side quests, an extra dungeon after it's been beat and some extra challenges to complete all should you choose to. I found the difficulty easy to control, and it's been a game I've picked up multiple times now and play over and over.

  7. I'd recommend any of the Dragon Quest remakes for the DS. Mainly DQ:V Hand of the Heavenly Bride. It's hard to really describe what makes it a "Must play" in my book. The story was nice, it had some entertaining characters. The battle system isn't really so deep and over the top as they kept it simplistic. But the way the story evolves through the different generations of your childhood to adult was well done and none of the girls were these 12 year old cutesy messes. Sure the brides looked kinda kiddish.. But it was well done enough that they do look to be roughly 18 or so.

    For a good story, nice soundtrack, and some extras to do if you're into hunting out items at your leisure for extra items and such it's got plenty to do. I definitely recommend it for all it has to offer as a solid RPG if nothing else. I can't really see anything it has that puts it above others. But it was a game done right in my opinion.

  8. I play on uh... Aman'thul, Nagrand, Borean Tundra, Veknilash, and Draenor.. I'm all over the place. Plenty of alts to go around. I must say.. I'm more into the old world changes than the Cata content. Got my rogue to 85, and my DK to 83. However I'm enjoying myself much more on low level alts checking the stuff out. I was happy to here Cata's difficulty was definitely harder than Wrath.. but let down that Blizzard is already nerfing them. I just shake my head as what I've ran on my rogue was nothing to how brutal the BC heroics were. Overall aside from a few bugs, and a lack of creativity here and there. Very solid expansion. I think Blizzard did a great job.

  9. I have to say atleast one thing came from this challenge I myself as a listener and not a remixer was able to take from the challenge was introduction to a system I never knew existed before. Even if it was a learning tool it's still neat to see some of the side systems and ideas that were put together.

  10. I will say this was indeed a sad story.. but as someone mentioned in the comments which I agree with whole heartedly is it is a reminder of our mortality and that those of us alive should enjoy is time. We'll always have something we look forward to, but eventually as time wears on we too shall have something we're looking forward to that we'll never get to see. Sad story, but a strong reminder to enjoy what time we have. Truly sad.

  11. I agree with alot of key points here on both the approval and disapproval of DLC. Plenty of games have done it wrong.. definitely.. But there are some games that have done well with it. I'm surprised it hasn't been mentioned but Dragon Quest IX stands as a fine example of DLC done extremely well. Slews of quests, the DQ shop feature extra characters.. All of it free and still running a bit into this year. As mentioned earlier "Little things for free." and those little things add up to alot, so kudos there.

    But then we have the bad.. A good example I can think of recently is Red Dead Redemption. Game was well done, I enjoyed it.. but it was so barren with no one around at times to me it felt a tad rushed. Then came the DLC... Small multiplayer map packs, some fleshing out on the mini games already in the game that could have easily been set up for online play from the get go, and then finally the Undead Nightmare. All of which had no less than a 10 dollar price tag on it for a few additions with Undead Nightmare running at the rate of an expansion pack when very little was actually added into the game to warrant the price tag.

    And then the ugly.. Fable.. Time and time again we've been promised so much variety and scope with that game and everytime I see a rushed, half-assed product where we get expansion packs and such rammed down our throats with content that could have easily been put into the game from the get go if they'd stop rushing the product and taking time with it. To me DLC in more cases than not looks to be nothing short of a way to rush us a product by a "due date" to edge out the competition regardless of how weak the game is and make us pay for their laziness later.

  12. That's one of many occasions it's brutal. Haborym.. No matter what battle he's in he's always one step from death's door. If he walks towards you his first turn, you have a 30% chance of saving his life unless you're 10 levels over the battle. Same for Sisteena, when they confuse her it's a 50/50 chance she's going to die the next turn. If she runs for you.. She might live.. She runs for them.. she's ensured to die.. Then you have those fights where the enemy gets insane height and range advantage, Aloser has two different fights depending on how you progress the story where she can either A. One shot your healers, or B. Weaken them to critical and then someone else take them out on their first turn...

    But that's why I loved the game. Everything mattered, if your enemy had height and range advantage, you needed to know where to place your units on your map to march forward like an unbreakable wall, and in the process you were rewarded with victory for understanding how your classes worked and where best to attack and push forward for first. Those who haven't played it I'd recommend giving it a look. It's a real gem from the SNES/PSX era that alot of people never really looked at.

  13. I got a notice from Amazon to order it.. and ofcourse I jumped all over it. Just finished playing through it a month ago and it looks fantastic. I'm hoping it hasn't been dulled down as I liked how brutal and unfair it could be at times though once you unlock your more advanced classes and learn to use them properly it becomes way easier. Seeing a Tarot system instead of making your pledges to each element and then choosing one of your choose was disappointing but we shall see how it pans out.

    I'm mainly curious about class balancing issues.. The archer felt far too powerful in Let us Cling Together, but in Knight of Lodis they were atrociously weak. Has me excited to see what they have in store for this classic. Curious also as to how they plan to handle any bonus treatment, the game itself had enough to stand alone with it's one extra dungeon and few extra classes.. All I can do is wait to see how it pans out when I get my copy.

  14. Nicely done. Only backs how I've felt since I looked over the winners, you just have a confidence with the music and as I watch you get into it, I find it much more enjoyable myself. I nod my head and such. Just never got that vibe with them. Plus 50 awesome bonus points as well from clicking your youtube link and seeing the Doug theme on the list of other videos to check out. Good luck next year.

  15. I remember Dragon Quest V and Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2 have some anti piracy measures in place as well. In DQV the game would lock up on the boat, you couldn't leave it and the it would never progress beyond the standard conversations. FFTA2 would just lock up and reset after the introductory battle played out. But that was on the flash card.

  16. I had little problems with Phantom Brave.. Once I learned how to set myself up for each weapon and then started combining things it became alot easier. I think I was even several levels beneath the boss.. Speed based soldier with a starfish still has a place in my heart.. I loved that little guy. *sniffle*

    Though that is what has me hooked to Nippon Ichi games. They get a bit creative and out there with concepts and weapons.. and the amount of micromanaging stats, equipment, and in the case of Phantom Brave we have titles.. All of which can keep people busy with the Post Game grind of things. Even then I'd recommend the games if nothing more for their stories. All of which I've found enjoyable so far.. aside from Disgaea 3 as I refuse to pay for a PS3 for it at this time. But I thought Phantom Brave to be an investment.

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