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  1. I liked the old system myself as characters having a "base level" that changed stats based on the class like FFT was awesome. Though FFT improved on it in every single way. I'd recommend the PSP release with all the new features. They really sharpened the game up and brought it up to date. The GBA game was solid in it's own right. But I loved that.. had a friend level a berserker, Lich, and a Terror Knight to max level at the start... was one shotting everything with rocks, naked. Glorious battles.
  2. Excuse me while I clean my eyes and brain with bleach. Any Majora's Mask love is perfectly fine in my book.
  3. Mine was all about the music. Hearing some old tracks with new polish was great. Some of the redone songs such as the Dark World theme was great. But then the new tracks were also amazing.. Loved the Water dungeon's theme. But it had that old school feel which was both good and bad. I didn't enjoy how short the dungeons were.. It just shows how much I've matured as a gamer. 15 minutes tops a dungeon vs being in them for an hour or more just left me hollow. But the game itself was well polished and fun. But yeah, music was where it was at for me.
  4. I absolutely loved the interaction with everyone in town. It made me feel more a part of the story that way. While I was just a kid at the time of the original release I played it to death.. It was my Christmas break and I was a homebody and my parents really wanted me to go to dinner with them instead of me just making a can of soup or ramen. So they bribed me with Majora's Mask. So many hours spent when we got back. I remember doing Snowhead during a pretty nasty Blizzard we had outside that year.. was awesome. I continued to bring that game out once every three months. And the story only got better as I got older. There was a lot I didn't understand because I was just too young, but the older I get I appreciate the story and darker story more and more. It's like fine wine to me it just gets better with age. Everything from the music, to the environments, to the story just strikes something with me. From the upbeat Clock Town theme to the despair within The Final Hours it draws me into it in ways no other game has been able to. As a matter of fact I'm on playthrough fourteen on the 3DS version as I type this.
  5. I wish I could jump in on all the fun but still waiting for Nintendo to get my Wii U back to me. How is 200cc?
  6. Pretty much all I have on it that isn't a classic PS1 game from the online shop is nothing but RPGs. Disgaea 3 and 4 are great choices, if you like Etrian Odyssey try Demon Gaze. That game was pretty fun. Y's: Celceta wasn't too bad. If you like Monster Hunter type games try out Toukiden, they just released a new version with all the old content plus new kinda like Monster Hunter Tri Ultimate on the Wii U. I picked up the Hyperdimension Neptune: Rebirth games and have been enjoying those so far. Ragnarok Odyssey: Ace wasn't bad either. Conception II was a boring mess but you might like it. That's what I have so far, saving up some cash to pick up some more games. If nothing else it's nice to have some of the classics from the store like Legend of Dragoon and the Parasite Eve games on the go. If you decide you want to tap into the Online store grab Tactics Ogre and Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions from the PSP shop. And Classic PSX games you can't go wrong with Suikoden I and II, Final Fantasy VI - IX, Chrono Cross, Legend of Dragoon.. Wild Arms I and II. Slew of good RPGs out there.
  7. I've played Conception II myself and I was disappointed with my purchase. A friend of mine gushed over it and when I picked it up.. It became insanely repetitive really fast. And that repetition clung to the entire game. I just couldn't enjoy it even for short periods of time to break it up. Took me ages to beat it playing in short intervals. But it was a chore to play.
  8. Now if only they'd put SO:TSS on the PS Network.. I need Indalecio without his limiter on Universe in my life again.
  9. I second Bravely Default. The game is awesome and the music is amazing. Fantasy Life is also a fun game, but more so with friends.. To make it really shine the DLC helps a bit and adds a lot of content to it. I also recommend any Etrian Odyssey games if you enjoyed them on the DS. (One was remade, with two on the way this year.) I'm also hoping to hear more on a release for Final Fantasy Explorers here in the states.
  10. I wish more of these games were on the PSN in the US. I'd kill for Saga Frontier, Breath of Fire III, and Vandals Hearts II just to name a few.
  11. There were also better choices for a tank that didn't just rip apart a defined class like the Dark Knight. FF3 the Dark Knight gave up health to do AoE damage. In FFIV, Cecil turned his back on the darkness to become a Paladin.. TO DEFEND which is something a Dark Knight wasn't about. Gaffgarion in FFT was not a tank. Dark Knight in FFXI was not a real tank. Final Fantasy Explorers the Dark Knight shows no real tanking ability. Dark Knight in Bravely Default (Seeing as it is a spiritual successor to an FF game)is raw offense. How about a Geomancer? Earth magic for defensive skills, fire skills for threat generation and damage, water for a supportive effect. They could have even brought Blue Mage back with the concept of their tanking involving monster skills for offense and defensive balance. Granted I have nothing against those who like the idea of them tanking. Fine, enjoy the game. But for me, the class was an iconic "Sacrifice everything for power" and it was something they ruined. FFXIV is a good game, they did so much right.. and are continuing to do so. But this to me is not a Dark Knight. The other classes just do not stick with me... And finding that class that "fits" me like a Dark Knight hasn't happened. I'll just move on.
  12. I was actually looking forward to it all, especially after the announcement of Dark Knight being a class. And then I read they are going to be tanks.. Seriously? A class that has had itself based on sacrificing health for damage and a class stepping to the darkness for "more power" is going to be a tank? I guess FFXIV won't be what cures my lack of an MMO now. Everything the patch and expansion looks to add otherwise is rather nice.
  13. When the ground is covered in ice you can play only one theme.. and it must be played all day, everyday.. The Mario 3 World six theme. Slipping and sliding everywhere.
  14. I saw that, and I shed many tears.. many manly tears. I'm ready.
  15. Yes.. yes I am very happy for this. I followed it back before it was what I considered "terminated" as the News Letters with information stopped coming and it faded into the shadows with no further updates. Now I have a reason to own a PS4.
  16. Well done sir. I went back and watched some of your videos and can't help but smile as I remember when we had an old thread discussing Alundra as I encouraged you to play it. Glad you weren't disappointed. For this video I got a few snickers out of some of the random comments. Good stuff, very good stuff.
  17. Wrong kind of happy, Mirby.
  18. I have the 360 version and while I'd like the PS3 version of the game that never hit the states.. I won't lose sleep without it. I loved the game though, makes me want to pull it out again. Good luck to them, I'd purchase it again if they released it.
  19. I'm glad to see someone else is having a better experience with it than I am. I love the game don't get me wrong. But my races through 50 and 100cc have been nothing but luck fests. "Oh I took first, hey it's a blue shell.. now I get hit with 2 red shells while recovering. I'm in third.. oh sniped with a green shell. 6th place now.. you guys really spammed an entire fire flower on me? Last place." Constant sniping from the computer with green shells like they are red shells.. The lightning being used 5+ times in one race when Nintendo said they nerfed the rate on those things showing up. In 150cc now all I can do is pray the RNG Gods take it easy on me, and it wouldn't be so bad if the races weren't so short. When you have a two and a half minute race tops you get no chance to make a come back. But despite those gripes I love this game. The little bit of lag online isn't a big deal, the graphics are gorgeous.. absolutely love the water effects and lighting. And the music is very good to say the least. Was racing with the roommate last night and just chilling out to some of the music. I hope Nintendo has some plans for some DLC for more maps or something over time, but as it stands this game was worth the wait and really shows off what the Wii U is capable of.
  20. Another person born on April 2nd? Happy birthday to us both sir. Hope you have a good one.
  21. Nice find, and good stuff. I've got something to listen to on my walk to work today. Thank you sir!
  22. Nick Hyral

    Diablo III

    That's my plan. I'm seriously looking at the Crusader as are many others I'm sure. Or I'll possibly pick up on a two hand barb.. Not sure just yet but I'm all for the fresh start.
  23. Nick Hyral

    Diablo III

    I must say I like those changes Zircon. And thank you for the heads up. I have a ton of games I'm trying to catch up on.. But this gives me something to look forward to with the expansion coming out. Might be time I reinstall it and play around on my DH a bit. Hit 60 and quit only to come back and get to level 3 Paragon I think before I stopped again.
  24. Nick Hyral

    Diablo III

    It's been awhile since I've played as well, but I don't remember them removing Inferno. They nerfed it down and added in the Monster Party system. By default MP was set to 0 and each level added more difficulty. At MP 5 you were at the original Inferno difficulty. By MP 10 you were at what could be considered a new difficulty level entirely. It would be a shame if they dumped that system as I rather liked it.
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