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  1. Oh! Another Wii RPG that wasn't too bad was Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World. Seeing as you can easily pick up the first for the cube cheap these days you might like those. The story was a bit different than the usual.. Not as entertaining as ToP or so I feel anyway. But it was a pretty good game nonetheless.

    Another DS rpg worth mentioning if you like tactical games at all is Luminous Arc. Again, not some ground breaking story.. but the characters were extremely colorful and entertaining. And ofcourse Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2 wasn't too awful bad.

    As for Disgaea.. It depends on the kind of player you are. To some players yes it is "grindy" but those are more the casual types I suppose. If you're more a player who enjoys the changes a single level up could afford, the skills and mastery available to you and overall just micromanaging things about your characters.. it would be more your thing... I also personally enjoyed the system mainly as battles felt more impressive and epic as you got stronger.. It didn't feel like most games where you're someone just "stronger than the other guy." You could progress to obscene levels of power that make you feel like a force to be reckoned with.. Laharl felt like an Overlord, etc.

    Bowser's Inside story while definately "different" is loads of fun. It has a simplistic battle system, easy to pick up and master, catchy mini games, and some of the usual oddities that is a Mario and Luigi game.

  2. Lemme see RPG's for the DS..

    I second and third everything about Bowser's Inside Story, though I personally enjoyed Partner's in Time much more.

    Nostalgia has an Arcadia type system to it with alot of the old cliche stuff we've come to love in the old age of the RPG.

    The World Ends with You is also a good choice, unique style of play and story.. was surprised with this one.

    Any of the earlier Dragon Quest games.. I personally enjoyed the fifth one in the series, pretty good story, likable characters and a villain you want to stab in the kidney.

    Ragnarok DS was a fun one for me. Not everyone's cup of tea but I played Ragnarok Online religiously, the stylus use is affective and gets the job done.

    Izuna I or II. Dungeon crawling game with some pretty colorful characters and interesting story all around.

    For the 360.. All I can really think of is Tales of Vesperia,and Borderlands if you've not played it on the PC is an interesting hybrid of RPG and FPS that is pretty entertaining. Really shines when you kick back and play with others.

    Lemme see.. for the Wii... a game that I had loads of fun with on the PS2 that made me pick it up again for the Wii was Phantom Brave. I wouldn't call it a top tier RPG but the amount of customization and detail to your characters and such will provide you with loads of game time.

    That's all I can really think of at the moment.. Might post more later if something comes to mind.

  3. As a kid, I'd watch my dad play Super Mario Bros. on NES, and whenever he got to a castle, I'd be so scared shitless just because of the music. I'd run the fuck out of the room as fast as I could.

    Come to think of it I didn't like playing Zelda by myself for the same reason, specifically because of the creepy ass dungeon music.

    This in a way. At a younger age I was like that in every Zelda game. I'd run all around the world map to the cheery music gathering hearts, rupees, and other upgrades and my parents would do the dungeon crawling as the music and atmosphere of what it was would scare me too. Now that I think about it.. I was pretty easy to scare at that age...

    When it comes to things that "dazzled" me.. Silent Hill 2's depth of story was amazing to me. I usually wait a month or two before I replay a game, moving on to others in my collection but it made me sit down and get in depth with it. Analyzed the story more closely and such. It was extremely well done.

  4. Time for some laughs here I imagine but here it goes... I still have to this day a shameful fear of certain death scenes in games. As a kid when my parents would play Mortal Kombat I'd have to leave the room each time my mom would pull off Scorpian's finishing move.. Ogre Battle's depressing game over theme and "May our leader rest in peace" bit just phased out over me a few years ago to where I could play the game without it bugging me. But usually any game that involves a death where a character can't come back, or where they show a tombstone or funeral scene of any kind still to this day bothers me. Not as much as it used to, but still scares the crap out of me.

  5. I found my way here years back when searching on Kazaa for some random game music I came across "Another Inspiration" which at the time wasn't tagged either. After sharing it with a friend whom I also made on Kazaa a few days prior, he directed me this way. Been listening ever since, though only interacting a bit on the forums here in there I've enjoyed myself here since the day he dropped the link in my msn box.

  6. Oh I agree in some respect.. But if you look at it the game should have some structure atleast for group play.. Blizzard themselves said they dislike the PuG community being so dominant when it came to raids. Granted I like the idea better with the flexibility than "Oh three people didn't show up for raid night.. We aren't raiding." which really sucked back in Vanilla. But in the end the 40 mans when you got them together was alot to brag about with a bunch of buddies who were there... Now all I hear on vent from the failed guilds who fell apart because of PuGs were along the lines of "yeah you guys remember that Ruby Sanctum group we had last week? Well I know you and you were there." And here 20 of us sit in vent.. wondering what's going on.. It felt empty to most of us. Even if it's just 10 mans there will atleast be some unity again.. As someone mentioned before I too loved the setting of Wrath, the zones and such (Save for Zul'Drak in my eyes) were a blast.. felt good to quest and not at all a burden like it did to me in BC.. But when it came down to it.. the expansion felt more like I was playing Diablo 2 again.. I get a PuG with 9 other people I don't even know. And as quick as it started there I was.. back out in Northrend with no one as far as the eye could see as I just quested and farmed.

  7. I look forward to the patch today.. and Cata looks interesting.. sadly I've not had as much fun with the game as I have since Vanilla.. was hard into the raiding scene at that point.. same with BC.. however this one.. raiding isn't what it used to be.. and the quality of players guilds recruit these days is just sad.. "5.5k Gearscore? No problem.. You're with us." The whole expansion felt so impersonal.. I remember guilds in BC and Vanilla doing test runs and such with players.. getting to know them.. Now you can use a PuG and get things.. I really hope Cata brings back a bit of the heart and soul of team work in raiding again.

  8. I normally don't post on things I find here in the workshop.. I find some real good songs here.. but this one.. this one made me decide to leave something.. I usually play just about anything I get here as grinding music for the current MMO I'm playing.. this was no exception. I may not be into all the technical stuff involved with music.. but I know what I like.. and I like this. Was traveling around Northrend on WoW and listening to this.. Hit Icecrown to do my dailies.. And I nodded to myself.. was dark... the usual snow started.. all the while this played.. It was perfect. I had liked it before but it was a true mood setter for me, very well done in all respects.

  9. Have you apologized to your roommates since blowing up at them? You might be surprised how far a little good will / maturity on your part will go.

    Hope you figure things out soon.

    I agree with this. If you haven't already try sitting down and talking to them, if you can get them to atleast give you a bit more time you could redouble your efforts to get things straightened out to show them you're going the extra mile to get things down. It saddens me to read that such a thing is happening to you. Really hoping things work out for the better.

  10. Oddly enough also thinking on this I remember the same guy being in a Link to the Past.. Don't remember if you can talk to him.. or if you can even interact with it other than killing it. But the same enemy is definitely in the game and can be changed in the same sense by using the magic powder made from the mushroom.. I just might have to drag my old SNES game out to actually give it a whirl and see if any conversations are had with him in Link to the Past as well. And this too has my curiosity as I merely scratched my head wondering not only what he was talking about In Link's Awakening... But what he was even supposed to be.

  11. I just finally got my Fyggs gathered.. I've heard talk that the bosses were supposed to be challenging.. Maybe it's because I took every profession to 20 before I progressed.. But my strategy usually entails a max tension gladiator with Double up and a Fource element added to it.. Hit my last boss for a 1.7k damaging strike non critical.. The boss in the Cave of Woe surprised me. My group was 26 and he managed to dish out a bit of punishment. Otherwise I'm still plugging along in the game. Going around working on alchemy and picking up gear as I'm broke.

    As for Stella.. I find her downright annoying all the time.. especially checking my battle stats to see that "It's the slowly slowly catchy fyggy approach. You clever monkey you." It makes me stab her endlessly with my stylus as it's all she'd say for the longest time. I mean good Lord.. she could atleast ask me how the weather was or something.

  12. So.. finally got my account fixed.. I'm Twiztedhyral on Battlenet... Doing story.. did a multiplayer much and didn't fair so well.. Still a fun game, the story is pretty nice so far.. though Raynor looks a bit like John Marston from Red Dead Redemption oddly enough.

  13. I wouldn't ever justify the purchase of a system around one game. Dragon Quest IX is a good game.. As are the rehashes of the previous ones.. Plenty of other great games as is.. RPG mainly in my case but still several just the same. I'd recommend a DS not for just this game, but for some of the others they have to offer as well.

  14. Oddly enough out of nowhere my game decides to tell me I've ran out of "Prepaid time for this game" to go to my account management and purchase more. Called up Blizzard I got the "We know about this issue and working to fix it" crap and on the forums apparently during beta the same thing happened. Been all day now and still not fixed, though they obviously know how to fix it in beta.. So now here I set.. waiting until it's fixed. Just to play my single player game.

  15. I'm liking it so far.. the key locking people out I don't like much.. One thing that made the old Starcraft grand was I could go to a friend's house and 8 of us could use a spawn and LAN it up. The lack of a LAN feature is highly disappointing and turned a few of my friends away from it. All and all still a fairly polished product by Blizzard, I think I'm getting what I paid for.

  16. I had to shave just so I could be in the game.

    This made me choke on my water. Highly entertained me. Finally got to change my vocations (Yeah I'm that far behind) I've been mainly leveling them to skill up my weapon skills and pick up a few stat enhancing talents to beef me up. Really loving this game so far. Makes me want to break out the NES and SNES to relive some of the older RPG days.

  17. The tag mode feature is useless to me. I wish I lived in a country/region in which people actually played Dragon Quest games.

    I know what you mean.. I mean I guess I could go to the Game Tower in Columbus and just run tag mode.. But a bit far for my liking just for tag mode. I must say the music is actually pretty catchy...

  18. I'm not far in it myself.. Just got to where I could change vocations.. But I had one temporary storyline character join early in the game. After that I made my group and have used them since.. From what I've heard yeah.. you work with a custom made party. I don't mind it much as I've always liked to save the world with friends.

  19. I feel ashamed.. I'm still way early in the game trying to figure out how to unlock other classes. Probably still too early for that.. But it's pretty fun nonetheless. I was a bit disappointed at the title screen when I didn't hear the trumpets blairing to announce the opening of the traditional DQ theme I've gotten accustomed too. Anyone play it Wifi yet? I live out here in hicksville Ohio (Circleville) and anyone with a handheld system is rare.. from what friends online have told me it's pretty fun.. You have your own freedom but can help each other out at the same time. Loving the game though.

  20. Final Fantasy Mystic Quest, definitely. Hearing the boss theme as a kid renting that game was like going on a sugar high.

    And here I opened this thread up thinking I'd be the first to mention Mystic Quest... My appeal for the game's Soundtrack started at the song it plays in Falls Basin.. Back in those days for some odd reason it would only randomly freeze when that song played. So I'd have to save every few steps. But other than that.. agreed.. that boss battle still sounds pretty awesome even in this day and age... enough so it's my ring tone.

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