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  1. Not trying to be to harsh, but I think you guys give him to much credit. I've spoken to him a few times and I have to say I'm amazed how humble he is, giving that you guys praise him this much. You guys keep talking how professional this sounds, altough I disagree, he knows my opinion and respects what I say about his remixes, so don't be like: you're just full of bullc**p. First: Altough the composition is very good, I was a bit disapointed about the sound. It does sound good, but it could be better. It doesn't sound realistic enough to fool me. I know Reu uses a lot of soundfonts, but the
  2. [Mod Edit] We do not encourage or support the stuff you posted initially. It lends itself to being suggestive, which is soomething that's not acceptable here.
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