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  1. Not trying to be to harsh, but I think you guys give him to much credit. I've spoken to him a few times and I have to say I'm amazed how humble he is, giving that you guys praise him this much. You guys keep talking how professional this sounds, altough I disagree, he knows my opinion and respects what I say about his remixes, so don't be like: you're just full of bullc**p. First: Altough the composition is very good, I was a bit disapointed about the sound. It does sound good, but it could be better. It doesn't sound realistic enough to fool me. I know Reu uses a lot of soundfonts, but the whole piece would sound better with decent samples. Of course everyone could disagree with me and say that you can make every sample sound as realistic as you want. Well, then you should teach Reu. My biggest problem with this piece was the piano. The final segment where he plays those glissandos sounds very very bad (in my opinion). The piano doesn't stand out and sounds very compressed. Also, where he used reverb on all the other instruments, he didn't on the piano, so it doesn't blend in with the whole arrangement. I followed the progress on this piece and in the first version he didn't have the orchestral hits at the end. Eventough they add some power to the composition, I don't find them very suitable. They just don't seem to fit there. This is of course my opinion and most of you probably will disagree. I surely don't disagree Reu is very talented, it's just a shame he never attended some sort of classical music training. He could have gotten way better than he is now. His piano compositions for example have no variation at all. If you listened to one, you've almost heard them all. I'm not trying to bring him down (he knows), I'm just giving him very strict criticism. I think he has more to a lot of criticism than to a lot of praise. Oh, and if you say this sounds like the rock, it's pretty normal as the composer of MGS2 and 3 (Harry Gregson-Williams) wrote the biggest part of the ost of the rock Also, even if I was pretty hard on Reu, the composition is very very good.
  2. [Mod Edit] We do not encourage or support the stuff you posted initially. It lends itself to being suggestive, which is soomething that's not acceptable here.