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  1. Definitely get one (or two) other people who are interested in radio (maybe even communication electronic media majors) to help you out. I can't speak for zicontricks, but I'm sure that everyone would want the same amount of quality put in each episode that has been in the past. I also agree that VGDJ belongs to the community and should be managed by the community.

  2. I played for the first time today. I've noticed that your shells/bananas don't always slow down the person they hit, but if I get hit by one, by golly I get slowed down. Whats up with that? And is that blue aura around every banana and shell? Why make it easier to notice obsticles?

    I still prefer the N64 version after today. I don't understand why they would make so many bad changes to a great game.

  3. I agree somewhat with your first point. However, I find that NOT grinding for money is a plus. I play to have fun, not for OMFG LOOK AT MY ITEMS GUYZ!!!11one. Or, alternatively, I guess you could use the money for your fifth point. Your second point...no idea what graphics you're running, but Guild Wars' skill animations are beautiful. Your third point wants to turn GW into a giant game of Rock Paper Scissors. Having one class cancel out another is retarded in every sense. Sure have some skills here and there to shutdown a particular type of build but an entire class shut down another entire class? Your fourth point is your opinion. I for one, enjoyed Factions and actually completed it before Prophecies. In either case, I think it was the lack of PvE content that Factions offered was the problem with killing the fan base, not the storyline.

    1 - You wouldn't have to grind. Just make items not meaningless, like they are now. They are solely there for their skins, which is a plus that GW has over other games of the same caliber.

    2 - Nvidia 8800 GTS. The backgrounds and player models are rendered beautiful and fine. But you can't say most of the skill animations are the same. Look at Diablo's skill animations. And I don't want to suggest it should be messy like Diablo's animations, particularly if there a lot on the screen at once, but some improvement is needed. Like, an actual fireball when you throw a fireball. Or an actual ice spear. Not some 2D crap.

    3 - Wouldn't be a rock-paper-scissors. Just wish it was more balanced between classes, would allow for more creativity in builds. For instance, the monk had a bunch a useless smite skills because they weren't practical to use in action (again I haven't played in a long time).

    4 - Factions storyline - generic Asian continent, taken over by an evil ninja assassin, who summons flood-like creatures all over the mainland, and you have to fight a ton of them in the first half of the game. Then two "factions" with little backstory and they don't really hate eachother and you are just supposed to do quests for each side. Yawn. Tyria had a much better storyline. And thats saying something. I don't even remember Nightfall's story it was so insignificant.

  4. (I'm in the library waiting for my next class, and bored as shiet. So I'll type my rant here.)

    I'll probably get GW2 if its noticeably different than GW and doesn't seem like another expansion. I think Factions killed Guild Wars, as crazy as that sounds. It wasn't worth the money. Nightfall was definitely an improvement, but Factions didn't add anything to the table besides two classes that are over matched in PVE and hard to play otherwise. Very boring storyline, monotonous scenery. I thought the story in Guild Wars was great. Greet the White Mantle, beat the White Mantle. Factions was just a rehash of the flood in Halo. Towns were more diluted, it was hard to find people to play with in any continent. Popular spots in Tyria were empty. You could idle in Magumma Stade for hours before meeting anyone else. I really miss those days, before Factions. Had so many good times.

    Guild Wars 2 can be the most perfect PC game in history if they do a few things right.

    1. Fix the economy. People just starting out in the game are screwed, and people who have played 1000+ hours have no use for money. I think they have to make the items improve your character noticeably better, and not just add +15% damage to an already low damage output. Set restrictions like it currently is, but give more diverse stats like Diablo 2.

    2. Skill animations. Absolutely boring and awful for all elementalist skills. A fire storm is yellow lines. An ice bolt, or whatever it is called, is a gray triangle. I know you are trying to reduce the lag, but..it almost makes it looks like spell casters aren't doing anything at all.

    3. Metagame. No explanation here, its actually fun trying to break the current metagame. I just wish they would balance each class as to be able to cancel out one other class. I don't know if it is changed now, but in the first year of Guild Wars, Mesmers were absolutely useless, but were my favorite class to play. Then they got rid of spirit spam and nature's renewal, and then rangers were absolutely useless unless used for a spike.

    4. Story. For gods sake, throw out everything you tried to do in Factions and Nightfall and focus on Tyria. This is probably what killed a lot of the player base.

    5. More rewards for being in a guild. More diverse guild halls, customizable options, make people spend money on their guild hall to personalize it and make them proud of it!

    6. In game voice when on instanced maps (not in towns). Or maybe guild voice chat.

    7. More diverse PvP everything. They have made a lot of improvements since the beginning. But they shouldn't remove things because they want to and put them back later. For instance, 6v6 and 8v8 in Tombs. Let us choose, not force one way or the other. 6 team FFA in Tombs. What was wrong with it! Bring it back!

    Ok, thats it for now. I'll probably think of more things later.

  5. I think they have to make Guild Wars 2 a lot like the next Diablo game (not storywise) for people to play it. GW gets very stale. And the Wangless, I wasn't talking about our guild. You weren't even in it that much, were you?

    And yes, the old DoTM days were the best days I've had in gaming. Then, people left and we only had about 6 really active people, and then people grew tired. Bryce, I'm looking at you.

  6. I agree with Drack. I have no other issues with lag in another game, even Wii. There is no excuse for it to lag that much. Its almost like Nintendo and/or Sakauri decided to use kaillera or something to connect people instead of using actual servers. Its real disappointing.

    I noticed that too, not being able to shield in online matches. Of course the big problem is that I suicided 5 times in my two tourney matches, because the up b had to be pushed at the exact time you weren't lagging or else it wouldn't work.

  7. Doh, friends list is full. Time for some house cleaning.

    You losers need to add me.

    Edit: Can anyone point me to a solution of how to solve the lag that occurs from hitting buttons?

    I added you a long time ago, still awaiting reply :(

  8. I haven't been on the past 3 days, but what stages are you talking about?

    I can understand the DK Waterfall stage, because no one wants to play it and it sucks. I understand Warioware, because of random powerups, Pork City, because its way too huge, and Mushroomy Kingdom because it forces you to keep up with the side scrolling. Flatzone is only bad when the jail is in the middle of it, but I don't have a problem with it.

    I don't mind the other ones, and banning them for being picky because of one element, like Metaknight's stage, is kinda lame.

    Also I guess I should look into buying a wavebird, because apparently you can do so much more with a wavebird that it you practically have to buy it to be good. It sucks, i know.

    E: But yeah, I'm i'll play.

  9. This may have been discussed before but I'm still recovering from surgery and I'm mostly out of it.

    Is there no way to transfer game data from wii to wii? I bought the game but started playing on my gf's wii, and we completed SSE and unlocked a ton of stuff... I tried to move the save file to an SD card so I could put it on my wii without having to do it all over again but it wouldn't let me.

    That sucks if they won't let you do that. Its not like I'm trying to cheat or anything. And you can transfer saves for nearly every other game as well.

  10. Played another 6 or so hours today, unlocked everything except Toon Link, Jiggs, Wolf, and Sonic (although I played as him against tabuu or whoever that is).

    Peach is suprisingly good, and I'm pretty decent with her now. Its funny how I wasn't looking forward to the two characters I'm now best at (Peach and Poke Trainer). Zero Suit Samus is still useless except for her upsmash. Ganon is powerful but extremely slow, you have to use a lot of dodging to be good with Ganon and I'm still working with that. Falcon Punch isn't nearly as useful anymore either :(. I like playing with Diddy but I can't stand his recovery, in fact I hate it. Maybe I need more practice.

    I played with friends again mostly but I like putting the CPU level to 9 and watching how Olimar, G+W, R.O.B and others play (are there youtube vids of someone owning with any of those three?)

  11. So, I played for a good 6-7 hours yesterday with my friends, got to 35% of SSE but mostly played a lot of vs. matches. Wasn't looking forward to playing Poke Trainer at all but it seems I'm best with Squirtle/Ivysaur. Charizard is good for groups of people but he is slow as heck and and lumps around too much. Ivysaur can really put the hurt on, I usually start out with him because im still trying to learn his recovery.

    I've given up on Samus/Zero Suit, I played her all the time in friendly matches in melee but I can't do anything at all with them in brawl.

    I haven't unlocked Sonic, Lucario, Wolf, Rob, and G+W yet though.

  12. I think I want to play the SSE and play through all the characters before playing anyone online. Perceptions on skill level are formed in the first match, and if some people are all up playin' the "if you suck don't play" card then I'll just wait.

    Haven't played much but looks great. Just got back from the race at Atlanta.

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