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  1. It'll be interesting to see what the people who get hands-on demonstration say too.
  2. Watch the video demonstration, and you'll see why. Since the graphics are there, there is no reason that 3rd parties can take full advantage of that ridiculous technology. Just think about what you can do in Madden with this.
  3. Where did I say "People didn't stop caring about Nintendo because they got older"? All I said that the magic is still there for the kids, just like the magic was there when you were a kid and opened your SNES for the first time. So now that you are much older, you are expecting Nintendo to cater to your much older tastes. I know that Nintendo's severe lack of quality sports and FPS games from 3rd party companies was a huge drawback...but at the same time, they sold the most units and were able to appeal to the most people, so there is no point in saying they failed or dropped the ball or Nint
  4. A lot of you are in your 20's now which is why you are bitter (Nekofrog) and unsupportive of Nintendo's work lately. However, I know that there are lots of 7-12 year olds who went apeshit for Donkey Kong Country Returns (I have some cousins that play the Wii Mario, DKC, Zelda, Kirby games all day every day.) While there is definitely work to do to bridge the gap, saying "DKCR sucked because it didn't give the same wow factor when I played DKC for the first time 17 years ago!!!!!!!!1" is a bit unfair, don't you think.
  5. I wasn't going to comment but I surprised no one mentioned Super Mario Bros. 3 Boss Battle (this is the Wii version). The version of this song is pretty much the only reason I bought NSMB Wii. I guess I just have different tastes than others...
  6. I just slowed down the 1 minute Survivor theme to 20 minutes and it sounds incredible.
  7. Are you still trying to get rid of these? Which ones do you have left?
  8. The game needs Centaur to counter Chronos and Zephyr. It could also use a Nerubian Assassin. Hopefully both are ported in in the near future. The game does not need Mortred, although I don't think Mortred is anything special....she pretty much needs to be attacking at high speed in order to not fail. What we need is more Zephyr counters.
  9. I'm pretty sure the 3rd one is going to be Lanaya .. a carry hero who is pretty difficult to play but is devastating in the mid game and difficult to lane against. She has unique enough skills/gameplay to make it into HoN and none of her current skills are in the game, unlike Mortred, who is what the picture could signify but it seems she's already in the game though Scout and others. I'm hoping the 1st is Doombringer. All 3 could be new heroes or nothing at all though.
  10. Also, HoN desperetly needs Centaur...currently the only uber tank is Abbadon/Accursed and possibly Jeraziah, but most Jeraziahs don't go tank items. Centaur is not boring... I love playing him.
  11. Doom is so fun to play. They need to port him into HoN. Doom is a great hero early, mid, and late. Most Dooms are able to farm refresher/ult stick and be able to completly shut down two heroes in team battles. Once you are doomed you can't do anything really than head back to base, unless you are a agi hero in which case it was silly that Doom doomed you. LvL Death is great early game. Usually can kill lvl 4/5 heroes in 2 shots, because the 450 nuke is really powerful. Doom is also a carry because Scorched Earth greatly increases your damage, speed, and combined with eating you will get a l
  12. Seriously, they went way overboard with Zephyr. Why would anyone pick Enigma over Zephyr when Zephyr's ult is 50 times as strong combined with his other skills.
  13. Not all Dazzles go support...I've actually seen a wicked carry Dazzle in competitive play in DotA...of course, shallow graves is different in HoN so DS is less effective, but still a good hero. Dazzle can farm well with his heal, has a slow/stun, and a huge armor buff/debuff ult. Why can't he carry? I've played HoN for about a month and half now and while its virtually the same as DotA, I very much dislike some of the hero choices with the way they combined heroes (Scout is a mix of Gondar, PA, and Sniper ult, Arachna mix of Viper/Drow). With the combined heroes being so imba midgame AND late
  14. Also, I can't wait to see the reaction when Techies is ported over. http://web.dota-allstars.com/heroes/2885
  15. I'm a longtime DotA player, play every day for the most part, and tried HoN and didn't like it all, and went back to DotA. I don't think DotA will ever die, until Icefrog (who I think is working with Blizzard) develops the map for Starcraft 2. I've seen that awful League of Legends and the better Heroes of Newerth, and I don't see any as a threat to the DotA community. However, if you like/liked HoN and haven't played DotA previously, as I know a lot of new players haven't, then I would trying DotA, becuase it really is a great game, obviously the inspiration for HoN but much more polished a
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