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  1. It'll be interesting to see what the people who get hands-on demonstration say too.
  2. Watch the video demonstration, and you'll see why. Since the graphics are there, there is no reason that 3rd parties can take full advantage of that ridiculous technology. Just think about what you can do in Madden with this.
  3. Where did I say "People didn't stop caring about Nintendo because they got older"? All I said that the magic is still there for the kids, just like the magic was there when you were a kid and opened your SNES for the first time. So now that you are much older, you are expecting Nintendo to cater to your much older tastes. I know that Nintendo's severe lack of quality sports and FPS games from 3rd party companies was a huge drawback...but at the same time, they sold the most units and were able to appeal to the most people, so there is no point in saying they failed or dropped the ball or Nintendo stopped caring about Nintendo blah blah blah. That is really the dumbest thing I've ever heard.
  4. A lot of you are in your 20's now which is why you are bitter (Nekofrog) and unsupportive of Nintendo's work lately. However, I know that there are lots of 7-12 year olds who went apeshit for Donkey Kong Country Returns (I have some cousins that play the Wii Mario, DKC, Zelda, Kirby games all day every day.) While there is definitely work to do to bridge the gap, saying "DKCR sucked because it didn't give the same wow factor when I played DKC for the first time 17 years ago!!!!!!!!1" is a bit unfair, don't you think.
  5. I wasn't going to comment but I surprised no one mentioned Super Mario Bros. 3 Boss Battle (this is the Wii version). The version of this song is pretty much the only reason I bought NSMB Wii. I guess I just have different tastes than others...
  6. I just slowed down the 1 minute Survivor theme to 20 minutes and it sounds incredible.
  7. Are you still trying to get rid of these? Which ones do you have left?
  8. The game needs Centaur to counter Chronos and Zephyr. It could also use a Nerubian Assassin. Hopefully both are ported in in the near future. The game does not need Mortred, although I don't think Mortred is anything special....she pretty much needs to be attacking at high speed in order to not fail. What we need is more Zephyr counters.
  9. I'm pretty sure the 3rd one is going to be Lanaya .. a carry hero who is pretty difficult to play but is devastating in the mid game and difficult to lane against. She has unique enough skills/gameplay to make it into HoN and none of her current skills are in the game, unlike Mortred, who is what the picture could signify but it seems she's already in the game though Scout and others. I'm hoping the 1st is Doombringer. All 3 could be new heroes or nothing at all though.
  10. Also, HoN desperetly needs Centaur...currently the only uber tank is Abbadon/Accursed and possibly Jeraziah, but most Jeraziahs don't go tank items. Centaur is not boring... I love playing him.
  11. Doom is so fun to play. They need to port him into HoN. Doom is a great hero early, mid, and late. Most Dooms are able to farm refresher/ult stick and be able to completly shut down two heroes in team battles. Once you are doomed you can't do anything really than head back to base, unless you are a agi hero in which case it was silly that Doom doomed you. LvL Death is great early game. Usually can kill lvl 4/5 heroes in 2 shots, because the 450 nuke is really powerful. Doom is also a carry because Scorched Earth greatly increases your damage, speed, and combined with eating you will get a lot of gold in the early/mid game. Some Dooms get battlefury because the are able to farm it so fast, although I prefer ult stick right away becuase you can kill pretty much any hero around lvl 11.
  12. Seriously, they went way overboard with Zephyr. Why would anyone pick Enigma over Zephyr when Zephyr's ult is 50 times as strong combined with his other skills.
  13. Not all Dazzles go support...I've actually seen a wicked carry Dazzle in competitive play in DotA...of course, shallow graves is different in HoN so DS is less effective, but still a good hero. Dazzle can farm well with his heal, has a slow/stun, and a huge armor buff/debuff ult. Why can't he carry? I've played HoN for about a month and half now and while its virtually the same as DotA, I very much dislike some of the hero choices with the way they combined heroes (Scout is a mix of Gondar, PA, and Sniper ult, Arachna mix of Viper/Drow). With the combined heroes being so imba midgame AND lategame they are getting picked every single game so I am playing against the same heroes all the time. The consolidation method was a nice concept, but it just makes me feel like im playing a lesser version of DotA because 30 heroes are missing. Give me back my Dark Seer and Techies. Also the pathing is TERRIBLE. This is something they seriously need to improve upon for me to take HoN seriously. I guess we were spoiled with great pathing from Wc3 all these years, but seriously, I've died to pathing issues so much that it makes me want to quit playing. PLEASE fix the pathing issues.
  14. Also, I can't wait to see the reaction when Techies is ported over. http://web.dota-allstars.com/heroes/2885
  15. I'm a longtime DotA player, play every day for the most part, and tried HoN and didn't like it all, and went back to DotA. I don't think DotA will ever die, until Icefrog (who I think is working with Blizzard) develops the map for Starcraft 2. I've seen that awful League of Legends and the better Heroes of Newerth, and I don't see any as a threat to the DotA community. However, if you like/liked HoN and haven't played DotA previously, as I know a lot of new players haven't, then I would trying DotA, becuase it really is a great game, obviously the inspiration for HoN but much more polished as of now. As for last hitting/denying....you will learn with experience why its an important tactic. Pushing the lane is the absoulte last thing you want to do the first 15 minutes unless you have an imba pusher like Broodmoother or Axe (don't know what heroes they are in HoN). You can autoattack all you want, but simple fact is you aren't going to get as much gold against a player who is last hitting/denying. The XP isn't a factor...you get XP as long as you are in the area and creeps are dying. If you want gold, and don't have a farming hero, last hitting is crucial to maintaining an advantage over the opponent. Its also interesting to read you guys' reactions to heroes and the tiers you put them in. Chronos is supposed to be Void right? If so, the Chronos is the best carry in the game, and he's top tier in DotA. Even if you think hes weak early, time walk can get you out of any situation and once you get that Mask of Madness then you can start permabashing any hero. Don't exclude Rewind/Backtrack, its probably one of the best skills in the game. Soul Reaper - Necrolyte? If so, again one of the best INT heroes in the game. To the person who said his ult is just a kill steal skill, its defintely not. Its very imba. It does massive damage to any character, even the tankiest of tanks. The AoE heal is spammable and greatly enhances team fights no matter what stage of the game. Keeper of the Forest - Roofellen - also top tier. Most ridiculous ult in the game, completely overturns team fights. The eyes in the forest (or I guess tree sight as its called here) are like a maphack for your team. Looks like they got rid of Overgrowth - don't understand that. Roof's third skill was a buff that added massive armor and a little HP regen to any teammate, himself, or buildings (to regen lost building health). Don't know how this new mechanic works out, but the ult is what makes this hero one of the best. Ophelia - or Chen - very hard hero to play, wouldn't recommend for beginners. Can jungle right away, so skips the laning phase completly. With the ult staff, Chen/Ophelia becomes a medic. But lots of micro mangement. Valkyrie - Mirana - best ganker, the arrow (or javelin here) is ridiculous for ganks. Andro - Vengeful Spirit - best all around support hero in the game, the swap is an instant killer and is great for imitating fights. Probably one of the most fun heroes to play too. As for Magebane / Antimage, the hero is known along with Bloodseeker/Bloodhunger as being noob-killer heroes. You'll learn with more experience that these heroes are not very good and will get destroyed in higher level games. Chronos is better than these two heroes in every aspect of the game. I'll stop talking now, becuase I know the mechanics of HoN are different from DotA and some of the heroes like Roof have been changed. But as far as the best heroes in competitive, league play DotA, I'd rank them as this: 1. Succubus/Bane Elemental - extremely imba. If you can't destroy the other team with this hero, then you need to reevaluate your skills. Can kill any other hero 1v1 at level 6. 2. Valk/Mirana - always picked, and if you are good your team will almost always win. 3. Andro/Vengeful - ditto. The swap is just ridiculous, and magic missle/comet is a great stun. 4. Chronos/Void - best carry. is pretty much invincible with rewind/backtrack and can permabash anything, also has an escape/initatior. Get IAS and you are set. 5. Voodoo/Rhasta - best INT with the best ult and disables. 6. Thunder/Zeus - spamming nukes early and often, the best early game hero. You should never have spare mana when around enemy heroes, for you should always be zapping them. Its your only advantage. 7. Behemoth/Earthshaker - just ridiculous. Can quintikill the other team by dagger/teleporting in and ulting and fissuring. 8. Warbeast/Lycan - best carry STR, can jungle early, and unless you are facing bane you probably lose every time 1v1. often banned in competitve play. 9. Clockwork/Pharoh - was way too overpowered in DotA until he got nerfed, but sounds the same here. 10. KotF/Roofellen - ridiculous ult. If you have behemoth/earthshaker on your team as well, then its game over for the other team before the game starts. It doesn't look like the really bad heroes in DotA (sniper, troll) are in HoN, so you should be fine with any hero, really. Get a chance to play all of them at least 5 times, even if you completely hate their playstyle. If you have any questions about DotA/specific heroes in HoN and strategies, let me know. Aside from the ones HoN created, like Dark Lady (not sure where the inspiration for that hero name came from), I know some pretty good strategies for each. Nevermind, didn't see this. However, if its true that Orb Effects don't stack, then this shouldn't be a worry. Void can still backtrack anything, if thats not on cooldown.
  16. What? I saw no questions. I did hear your voice though but since it was under a different s/n i didn't question it. I was too busy SNIPING Also, I haven't posted on OCR for a year, I should update my sig. The free ipod touch thing works, I use mine everyday, its just a lot of work put into it and you have to be smart about it.
  17. ^ just mad because I started owning him so bad in Day of Defeat that he quit playing and made an excuse to start playing TF2 and Counterstrike.
  18. I played TF2 for the first time last night on this server and I was yelled at for not being a medic ;_;
  19. This has got to be the nerdiest day of the entire year.
  20. What is everybody's problem with Robotrek?
  21. I like it. I liked Uelman's stuff too, but lets not get carried away. This "overture" is short but very good. I love the vocals and hope they carry that throughout the soundtrack. Also, meh on Itunes DRM. Doesn't bother me that much.
  22. Works great for me. I am noticing it takes up considerably less memory than firefox- I've had firefox go into the 200's and sometimes the 300's in terms of megs of memory, and I couldn't figure out why. I open 5-6 tabs (usually all I have open, anyway), some on graphic-intensive sites, and the most I've seen it go to is about 40 megs. Also, it seems to load very graphic intensive sites like ESPN.com much more quickly. I also like the homepage. Google does it again. I might have to buy some stock. Although last I checked, Google had the highest quote of all the stocks in the world.
  23. Besides the obligatory computer-science-from-great-program-schools, most companies tend to hire people of various majors, like communications, english, physics, and even business. I wouldn't mind working for and probably will apply to game companies in the future, and im a Comm-television production major. On top of that, experience and internships are worth 150% more than what your major is and what GPA you got.
  24. I've probably played the Red Alert series as much as Gecko, grew up on playing my cousins and friends over dialup in RA1, played the hell out of the ladder in RA2. And I played the RA3 beta with the new patch released a few days ago. I am very disappointed. It doesn't feel like a Red Alert game at all. It feels like that generic void of a EA RTS game, the feeling that Generals gave you initially. The artwork looks good in the concept art, and maybe its just because its still in beta, but all the infantry look like they are wearing football uniforms painted in their team's color. All the tanks look the same - a black base and a majority of the tank painted in your teams color. You can stand 5 feet away from your computer monitor and look at your base and it will all look like blobs of paint depending on which color you choose. In RA2, at least there were other colors on the buildings and your team color only accented everything, it wasn't the dominant color on every building and unit like it is in RA3. The gameplay isn't horrible (except the new ore collecting system, which is totally wrong and isn't what Red Alert is about at all) but I am still very disappointed with this game. I feel like if this was the finished product the franchise is all but dead. The good news is that its still beta, but the bad news is that it was supposed to release in two months meaning that this is probably what it will look like, which is sad.
  25. Azul v2

    Diablo III

    We've also only seen two areas. You don't know what Hell or Heaven (rumored, but long time ago) could look like. Or if those areas were just created to show the gameplay video.
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