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  1. LT: Hahaha! This should be fun. No reason to get worked up on avatars and pout like a child. But then again, it IS the internet. Quotes in black from me are from a prior post, since he didn't actually use
  2. $30 for a hoodie? Good prices, thank you.
  3. GIGAWING I'd like to do all four planes besides the green one. The first plane is a boss and the last is from the intro. This one is for Nineko. He said he was having trouble resizing it: Method: Crop image, indexed color-->RGB mode, contrast +34, resize 32x32, draw eye in b&w, save as gif. LT: First two were grainy/pixelated. Second two don't even look like anything. Rhino/Mother 3 thing lacks detail also, which I said was going to be the case if one resized the full pic.
  4. Blaster Master bosses 5, 6, and 8 (final) always gave me trouble. I'm not sure I ever beat #6 legitimately. The bosses were very quick on their feet and even if you learned the "pattern" the speed was just hard to keep up with. Oh yeah and the grenade you had to use was an extremely short-range weapon with almost no blast radius. Boss 6 you basically had to climb inside his mouth while he's shooting homing rockets and waving arms around the size of the screen. Boss 5 you had to climb inside his mouth while he's spewing clouds of bubbles. It bordered on not cool.
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