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  1. I don't know if this kind of pic is still tolerated in here (I was used to roam in UnMod after all) but, meh... I'ts a special occasion so I'll push my luck for you guys! This sacred union is I didn't even know you were dating at all. But I guess coming here once every six months doesn't help me getting updates huh? Anyway, congrats to you both.
  2. First of all, a great year to all of you guys and gals, those I know and those I don't. I have no reason whatsoever as to why I'm posting here and now after all this time but hey.. it's the thought that count I guess. As for my new year beverage consumption, I stupidly mixed Jagermeister, sake and czech absinthe in a span of 3 hours... That hangover my friends was legendary, I can tell you that.
  3. Surprise, surprise! Look what I found in my e-mail box today... It took eight months but at least, I'm relieved that I've not lost my time (well, maybe a little) and money. I can't wait to see me wearing OCR all over myself!
  4. I'm a Medium guy. Yes, I can read the future... And I see one thing in my close future... myself without an OCR shirt because of that ZTNet dude. BTW, I suppose the money order I sent in January to the ZTNet reliable dude is lost forever then... That is really disapointing. The dude sent me only one reply in February, saying that I sent the wrong part of the money order. I sent the right one after that and SHAZAAAM, our hero has not been able to respond a single e-mail in 7 whole months. I know he faced some real-life drama of some sort but 7 months? Damn, that's too bad. That money order + service fee + currency change cost me close to 35-40$ in canadianish dollar. Anyway, I'm really happy that you changed your merchandising service. No more worry for next time!
  5. In my case, explaining how to do it would have been way longer than actually do it, so I simply did it. It's a PNG so maybe you'll not see the transparency right now if you're using Internet Explorer.
  6. And what if I sent a money order 7 months ago? Is it lost forever and, due to the fact the my order is still pending, can I still change the size of my ordered shirt?
  7. I ordered mine January 1st... But I send an e-mail to change it from a Large Black T to a Medium Black T. Hope it will go well.
  8. Hey Zircon. I just catched up in the last few episodes and heard that you may be looking for a new sig. If that's so, I could arrange something for you if you want. Just let me know... Oh btw, I wanted to tell you that, about your podcast animation skillz, you're really getting better with each episodes and it shows. You've gotten a lot of confidence and you sounds way more lively then ever. In the beginning of your VGDJ duty, you seemed IMHO a little uneasy and not as confortable as you could, like you were a bit shy maybe. But now, it's like you've been doing this for years so congrats! And I dont mean that "Jillybean" has not improved as well. It's just that she's very natural with this so, she was already in the zone the first time, so it doesnt show as much... Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that because everyone deserve some elaborated praise every so often.
  9. Thanks for that little plug for my avatar thread, I was pleasantly surprised to hear about it while listening to my usual dose of VGDJ... And also BTW, excellent job you two! Seriously.
  10. This statement is Joyzillapproved! LT: Took the Robos, the Magus face, and the running Magus. Very nice.
  11. (I thought it will be nice to put Palom & Porom together!) Phew, I finally did this. You people better love them because I won't be doing them a second time! LT: As a disclaimer, there are actually so many of these types of sprites offered here that I'd think djp would pick the best ones using his own discretion. I don't know for sure, but it's possible. You mind ZIPing these next time for an easy download? If I missed any, it's because there were simply too many on the page.
  12. Before fragmenting and hosting each one of these, I just wanna make sure they will be wanted, desired, loved and cared for! LT: The burden's on you guys for naming them, so please do. Otherwise, nice stuff. Will be using most if not all of these, then let's never speak of them again!
  13. Yes sir! LT: Nice. Can't get enough of burnt Kirby. Maybe because he's not pink. But of course because he's burnt. Thanks yo.
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