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  1. Well, that is presumably like every other FF title going to be an adventure game.
  2. alt.slack

    Windows 7

    I was just talking about the two standard OS's out there. Windows and OSX. I use Ubuntu more often than my windows install and love it. But as far as the two default OS's go Windows offers far more functionality and customizability than OSX. Sorry but saying Macs are better somehow for art and music just shows your biased. Photoshop is the exact same program on the PC as it is on the Mac and it's always performed far better for me under XP than any OSX machine I've used it on. Ableton Live and Sony Acid work better on XP than on OSX and offer far more configurability and control and sil
  3. God, if you're really that concerned about the interweb maybe you need to actually leave your machine once in a while. Most of my posts are just quick responses and I just don't feel like doing the whole cut and paste multiple actions to properly quote multiple people within one post. Again, if the way people post on a virtual message board means that much to you I'd hate to see how you do in real life social situations.
  4. They never answered the Question about neo being the 6th one.
  5. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Christian Bale is a terrible Bruce Wayne/Batman. He's too damn small and skinny for either role. His voice as Batman is just laughable not to mention the way he felt he needed to stick out his bottom jaw 4 inches made absolutely no sense. Heath's performance was good, Frank Millers version of the Joker however is not. He's far to serious and because of this lost a lot of the scariness that the character posesses. You always knew exactly what he was going to do. The Dark Knight was more of a Joker movie than it was a Batman movie. It seemed like they wer
  6. It's the best video game movie made to date though. It encompasses the game better than any other movie to be based off of a video game to date. It has pretty much every enemy and character from the Mario games in it and come on, nothing will ever beat Dennis Hopper as King Koopa.
  7. The remake is awful, the original from 1973 is quite good.
  8. Fargo was absolutely brilliant. The Cohen brothers did what very few directors have that ability too. Make a dramatic comedy. Very similar to what P.T. Anderson pulled off with Boogie Nights. The cinematography in Fargo was brilliant, amazing score, absolutely incredible acting. The first time I saw it I couldn't believe how accurate they got the Minnesota accent. But I just realized you called the Life Aquatic shit as well, either your just some 12 year old that needs T&A in every movie for it to be good, or you lack the understanding of what visual imagery can convey.
  9. You like the fact that they took all the interesting questions and ideas that they brought up in the second movie and completely threw them out the window just to turn it into a jesus storyline complete with a big glowing orange cross on Neo's chest at the end??? Damn, first person I've ever heard say that.
  10. I enjoyed The Spirit a lot more than most of the comic book movies this year. But I'm also a big fan of the original comic. I thoroughly enjoyed it more than both The Hulk and The Dark Knight (but TDK was just an atrocious look at Batman anyways). It was no Iron Man but I really enjoyed the visual style and the dialogue was terribly campy just like it is in the comic. Miller did a good job of bringing The Spirit to the screen IMO.
  11. What what?!?!?!? Theres only 2 good RPG's on the 360 PS3 and they've both been ported to the PS3 as well. Fallout 3 and Oblivion. Get yourself Little Big Planet, Mega Man 9, and Deadspace. Drakes Fortune was an amazing adventure game though. You want RPG's stick to the PC.
  12. Google Search a band called Ignorant Mob. Reggae from the U.P. of Michigan, but rather innovative. They've gotten past the use of that terribly annoying simplistic guitar riff that 99 percent of reggae seems to think it needs.
  13. alt.slack

    Windows 7

    [quote name= I hope that was a reasonable' date=' well-thought out description of what I, at least, enjoy more about Mac OS. I didn't belittle Windows users for their choice (cost is a big consideration), and I still recommend it for people who want nothing more than to write up documents and check their email. But if you're a power user who likes to do as much with a computer as you can, then I would definitely recommend Mac OSX. And with EFIX you don't have to buy a ridiculously expensive Mac Pro either. Also note that we have a pretty good idea of what Snow Leopard is going to do (OpenCL
  14. alt.slack

    Windows 7

    I don't think he's being smug about it all, he just stated facts about the Mac ads. As a lifelong PC user and someone who can't find a single reason why anyone would want to spend that much extra on a Mac just so they can use a very very limiting operating system is way beyond me. Being an audiophile and huge archiver of music and video, OSX is the last thing I'd ever want to use. It doesn't even have a good media player.
  15. If you think pressing the same button whenever you see something red, but I really don't. Mirrors Edge was epic fail.
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