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  1. I thought the IGN trailer for the Zelda movie was pretty good, could definitely work
  2. There's the possibility for a Diablo MMO that it could take place as a prequel. That would be pretty cool in my opinion and opens up a lot of possibilities. But again I wouldn't care since I sure didn't play D2 for the storyline. Also waiting for Hellgate: London though.
  3. Hey long time lurker here, heard Death on the Snowfield when it came out long ago and been addicted to this place ever since. Felt like commenting on this song. Bear with me if I say something stupid since I've never critiqued music before . Regardless of some people's complaints about poor translation. I have to say you did a real good job with pronunciation and it sounded very authentic. There's very few native english speakers that can speak it that well much less sing it that well. I really don't see how some of you feel her vocals sound unnatural. These 'errors' are also quite small and while everyone here aims perfection the performance was well executed. With that said overall it's a pretty good song. The pace may be irregular kind of fading out on occassion then fading back and giving the feel that the songs not going anywhere but it's a cool effect for this piece I think and just works well on a piano. Near the end the pace starts speeding up and becomes louder, I find this to be the high point of the song if anyone was looking for one. Usually people need to be weary of vocals in music like this as they tend to turn out pretty goofy but pixietricks brings some very proffesional vocal talent to Reubens incredible piano work. Very nice work guys, I can't wait to hear what you two do in the future.