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  1. The lyrics were great within the framework of the game, but they don't sound right in this song... perhaps it's the singing that puts me off. I commented only because I generally enjoy ilp0's remixes, and I was getting into this one until.. the lyrics kicked in . I think it's the singing that's done in such a lackadaisical tone. I can't help but roll my eyes when I listen to it. Nevertheless, a good effort, and I look forward to future ilp remixes .
  2. Would be 100 times better without the lyrics. Great remix of the original song, but the lyrics ensure I'll never be able to share this one with anyone who hasn't played the original game (aka 99.99% of my friends).
  3. I did not know Reuben personally. I am not even a member of this community. But I have listened to many of Reuben's pieces and I have enjoyed all of them. There are several pieces of his that have found their way into steady rotation in my car and at home. To affect people you have never met -- people you do not know even exist -- in such a direct and profound way is something most people never do, but Reuben did through his music. Upon learning of his passing, I am both happy to learn he led a well-rounded life, being a gifted athlete and musician, and saddened to know he is no longer on this earth. I extend my condolences to Reuben's family, friends, and those he touched with his music.
  4. Wow, you guys are very patient with such beginner questions. I'm just replying to let you know I read each response, and my questions have been thoroughly answered. Thank you very much. Hopefully, I will be able to contribute a remix of some sort in the future as a bit of payback for your help. Thanks again!
  5. I've skimmed through the FAQs and done a search for 'keyboards'. Along the way, a few of my questions have been answered, but this one hasn't -- at least not explicitly so. Let me give my question a bit of context. I play piano, and I want a piano equivalent to take with me to work, down to my room, to friend's houses, etc. It must have 88 keys, weighted as heavily as possible. Now, finding a keyboard that matches this criteria has proven fairly easy. A trip to my local Yamaha piano dealer has yielded several results. However, I'm a concerned that the keyboards I'm looking at are too piano-centric. That is, I'm not sure I will be able to use them as an effective tool for arranging and composing high quality songs down the line. Will the lack of built-in sounds hinder my progess in the future? Should I consider buying a dedicated midi controller in addition to my piano equivalent, or will the keyboard suffice on its own. Every keyboard I've checked out has a midi-in/out, so I assume that, if I have the right sounds and tools on my computer, I can make up for the keyboard. Would that be correct? I only hit up a couple music stores today, but the pianos I've gravitated to so far have been the Yamahas -- the P60, P80, and another model I don't recall. Any feedback regarding these particular keyboards would be very much appreciated too! A quick link for reference: http://tinyurl.com/hhqly edit: I thought the url tag would properly format the link -- it didn't. Changed it to a tinyurl.
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