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  1. @Sir_NutS I love this track. It's one of the few things on my work playlist, leading to this metric which I thought you might find interesting! Anyway, great work dude!
  2. I am very nostalgic about this game; the alien visual theme and well-crafted music combined to render an incredibly visceral atmosphere, the memories of which have stuck with me for over 15 years. Plus is was a really fun, challenging and engaging game (for my pre-teen self, anyway). I feel as though there's a huge amount of as-yet untapped potential in several of the tracks that I'd love to see made use of. My favourite tacks (with YouTube links) are: Several other tracks can also be found on YouTube. If I had the talent, tools and time I would tackle this myself. As it is, I defer to the musical genii of the OCR community! I don't really have any particular genre in mind for any of the tracks, but my own personal preferences tend to lean away from jazz and anything without a lot of energy. Thanks to anyone who can indulge me.
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