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  1. D.J Jabberbox, i'm going to asume you didn't mean that. just because the technology used to create Chrono Trigger was inferiror to the tech used for chrono cross doesn't mean that Chrono Cross had better music! Take for example, every musical score except for Leena's theme, Time's scar, time of the dreamwatch, kids theme, the frozen flame, and the sad themes, every single one of them sucked! My theory is that when he was writing the battle theme for Cross, Yasunori was drunk! and I know that it was lofted from radical dreamers wich is probobly why it sucked so much. they should have used the unreleased battle track from trigger. also, the music in trigger was perfectly synchronised with the storyline, whereas in cross, lets face it, kids personality didn't exactly match her theme musics. and the time devourer's theme, the final dungeon theme, and indeed the ending theme, left much to be desired. Radical Dreamers just didn't meet the right standards, i mean, it was a cool song and all, but it just didn't provide the same sort of closing feel as To Far Away Times.
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