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  1. does anyone remember before vgLAMEpo? Back when it was the Philly Classic Gaming Convention out in the Valley Forge convention center? Those were the days...I was at Philly Classic 4 and 5 and was at the first VGXPO they had after the name change...haven't been to one since, has it gotten any better? that first year it was VGxPO it was absolutely HORRIBLE. I can't remember the convention center it was held at, but the VGxPO was mixed in with like a half dozen other conventions, and it was this tiny ass NBC sponsored thing in the back of the center...it was an absolute joke...can anyone confirm if it's still the same style (mixed with other conventions) or if it's taken off as just it's own convention? It wouldn't be so bad if they could fill the entire PA convention center with video game stuff...
  2. I really enjoyed most of the stuff on the first two CDs I wasn't a fan of the piano stuff, especially the Ice Cap remix, I couldn't even figure out where the ice cap part was because it didn't sound anything like it to me. Hectcenus has talent with playing the piano, but Ice Cap deserved better. Beneath the Ashes has grown on my a bit, but that may because it's much more easier to identify. I've got a question though, on the Bonus CD when I download 308-314, none of the songs play, it just makes some high pitched noise when I try to play it and that's it. Anyone else have this problem?
  3. This is one of my favorite remixes I have in my collection. Because whenever I listen to it, I feel like I'm in a club or something, it's got such a great beat, a beat that you can like dance to haha. I really love this mix, and can stick it on loop for hours on end without it ever getting old.
  4. I like this mix, it's reminscent of old game music itself, because its got that primitive sound to it, but at the same time its original and got its own funky beat to it. I really love it =D
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