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  1. these guys need to be on there to secret of mana mana kinght companions. too big though, could be problem easily fixed by any one who isnt me.
  2. Pick your size. As you cansee, I added some extra characters. And for your monopoly sig: Couldn't really find a nice token image. Thx, this is the perfect sig. couldnt use both but i choose my fav. thx again
  3. I need a sig like secret of mana id like these pics in it i would like the three people to be surrounded by the creatures with the words 'Secret Of Mana' in yellow some where and any backround you want, even a solid color works.
  4. The instruments he used were the istruments or close to the instruments used in the game.
  5. I'd like to make a request for a monopoly sig. I just want it to have the tokens and the board with some money in the back round. I think monopoly is the best.
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