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  1. An excellent piece, I've been waiting for this one to be officially released, from when I heard the WIP. I'm glad that some more chill-out, downbeat stuff is making it onto OCR, and even more so that Jill's the one doing it! I applaud you Jill, as this is one of the few solo pieces you have on OCR. A piece like this shows that not only do you possess a lovely, entrancing singing voice, but that you are also well talented in the producing of the music itself. This will be immediately added to my sleep playlist. On another note... this would have made for a great Valentine's day release It's strange... the lyrics to this song mimic very closely a poem I wrote, just two days ago for Valentine's Day. The start of not being able to sleep at night, and the reference to a ghost, reminded me immediately of it. I guess i've seen stranger coincidences Good luck on the recital tommorow!
  2. It's times like this that I wish I had a steady enough income to be able to afford a trip down to Maryland from here in Michigan... it would be more than worth it to get to hear Jill sing live, and to meet everyone in person. I know i'm not known here on the forums, rarely do I post...(Jill may remember me, I sorta stumbled upon some of her WIP's on her website awhile back and told her of the security issue ... but I do wish to say, I wish you the very best of luck on your recital Jill. I look forward to hearing the recordings.
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