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  1. Thanks! That's always bothered me. I have no idea what that anime is about, but at least I know what the song is. If only I knew where the file came from.
  2. That's odd. Works for me on two machines. I'll put it on putfile. http://media.putfile.com/NA-48 If that doesn't work, I can try my personal server, but that's hosted off of my machine and I'd rather not do that unless I have to.
  3. Okay, I've got this .mid that I've had for at least six years now. The filename is NA.mid, but iTunes managed to pull some more info out for the title - 'Boy Meets _'. Does anyone here recognize this song, and can tell me what game it came from (I'm 95% sure it's a subtheme for an NES or SNES-era game). Thanks in advance. Most people find the song terribly familiar but can't place it, which just makes it worse! Link: http://www.uploadline.com/file/9822/NA--Boy-meets-----MID.html
  4. I've listened to the song a dozen times. But never until I saw the video did I laugh like a madman as my eyes melted down my face and elephants paraded through my underpants. The combination of the two is so trippy that I believe I have gotten high just by watching it. Excellent work. Reminds me of a piece my brother did for a music class in college, only this is.. Mario. Anyone still hosting the WTF mix?
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