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  1. Flint

    Nintendo DS

    Good point. Never really thought of that. But like you said, there nothing wrong with sequels, as long as they introduce new concepts and ideas without whoring the old ones.
  2. Flint

    Nintendo DS

    Well, DS games that I know are coming but havent been officially anounced yet: Fire Emblem F-Zero And, the ones that have been: Tales of the Tempest Castlevania Portrait of Ruin Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Final Fantasy III The Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass And finally, the rumors: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Baten Kaitos Thats my list as of now
  3. Well, I've been a big fan of music for a long time, and have had a soft spot for non-lyrics for the past year. I've been downloading from this site for a few months, and decided, "What the hell? I'll join!" So, here I am. 99% of the the people here dont give a damn for anything Ive just posted, which is understandable. If youre in that 1% range, keep reading. Im a big fan of video games, computers, anime, ping pong, chess, piano, music, and friends. Looking forward to hanging around here in my spare time...
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