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  1. who ever knew video game music could be so powerful. This song demands the listener's attention. You feel moved, by it... it's like you got beat before or whatever but you're coming back and you're just owning everybody... owning 'em up. Then i see terra doing it, dressed in black as the song suggests with all of her friends in tow standing in defiance of kefka's general losery... That paints an awesome picture imho. worthy of the big screen even. this song pumps me up... in that "Eye of the Tiger" kinda way, roffel. Easily one of the top 5 songs on this whole site.
  2. this song is awesome. listen not to the naysayers. it made me laugh. just don't take it too seriously and you'll enjoy it immensely... it's too silly not to listen.
  3. listen to this guy... he knows what he's talking about. /me <3 this song roffel
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