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  1. Blizzard are making World of Starcraft
  2. Personally I love Metroid. Playing online is good fun and the adventure is awesome. I don't really like Animals Crossing as it's boring...and a really slow game to play.
  3. Yeah thats so true. And punching? Mario never punched things in classic mario games. We need to see more like NSMB. I also loved Yoshi's Island and apparently a sequal is coming out for DS, but I hope it has the same platforming elements.
  4. I agree with you. Mario 64, I mean, I got so excited when I first played it. A big 3D castle. I was like awesome! And then next thing you know you are jumping through paintings? And Super Mario Sunshine, what the hell! Since when did Mario ever use a water machine to "clean up". Also, the baby bowser is something that should of been different in NSMB. They should of as you said have the kooper kids.
  5. I have not seen much of Mario Galaxy, but I was dissapointed in how the game is set. I wanted a brand new mario game for Wii set in the lush enviroments of the Mushroom Kingdom. The true, classic stroy. Princess is captured, and Mario is to the rescue. Also I heard there are robots as enemies? That isn't Mario at all. Anyway, DS. I recently bought NSMB and I love it. It's so awesome. Some levels are really short though thats the only stupid thing. Current DS games I own: New Super Mario Bros NFSU 2 Mario 64 DS
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