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  1. I've set up a new mirror: http://blueblue.fr/mirrors/theophany/ The other two are sufferring, on kngi.org we have more than 1000 concurrent downloads (for a few hours now). The new one will hold for a few minutes before getting hammered just as hard I guess... Or just be patient, things will calm down eventually. To the people wanting to host a mirror: beware, it is maxing out gigabit links. For hours. It is generating *LOTS* of traffic and may just blow your bandwidth limitations if you have some...
  2. The tracker was getting so much hits that its anti-flood protections kicked in. I've fixed the issue, raised the limits, and bumped its RAM/CPU resources, so everything should go far more smoothly now. Let me know if anyone is still having timeouts or other issues with the tracker.
  3. For those worrying about bandwidth, my mirrors have unlimited bandwidth (including the two with the zip files), and some are actually seeding as well. Impressive work anyway, I really enjoyed the whole album.
  4. Hey, sorry I didn't get your PM earlier. I am still able to provide a whole bunch of HTTP mirrors and torrent seeds for the project. Check your PMs, KyleJCrb!
  5. I can donate new dedicated servers to OCR. I just PM'ed djp about that, I don't know if he reads all of his PMs though, anyway, here is my public offer : If anybody in charge of hosting here at OCR reads this, feel free to contact me.
  6. Everything should be back online. I will change the mirrors for the files sometime nextweek, in order to remove dead links (at least 2 of the listed mirrors are working). Sorry for the inconvenience.
  7. I've been aware of the downtime since monday or tuesday, but I've been quite busy with school this week. I'm currently checking that with my hosting provider, looks like an account migration went wrong (and all of my websites are down). The site should me back online soon. If access cannot be restored by monday, I'll set it up on another server of my own. Edit: In the mean time, the album is still available here : http://dagda.ouam.fr/~blue/s3k/album/ http://bohort.ouam.fr/~blue/s3k/album/ http://blueberry437.free.fr/s3k/album/
  8. Hello again, Album art is available here : http://s3k.ocremix.org/php/artwork.php Thanks to Spire. Current stats over the first week after release (4 mirrors out of 7) : HTTP transfert: 453 GB BT transfert: 189 GB Website only (flash+php): 49 GB (56 GB between flash teaser launch and project release) 30373 visits / 757261 hits since release. Does not include people accessing the website trough an ISP proxy. By country: USA (45%), France (25%), UK (9%), Canada (5%) 1-5% : Australia, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, South Korea. Others: 8% These figures do not include three mirrors: KyleJCRB, AR33.com & FastFeet Media.
  9. I'll be putting the cover art online in the next few hours (I still have a bunch of exams during the next few weeks). About the "itunes fix", I haven't put those online as the pack linked here was badly reencoded (why the sudden bitrate enhancement? how?), the filenames were changed, and the tracks were actually stretched by 40-50%, at least in my VNC and iTunes (under MacOSX). I tested the old tracks again, and they worked fine in every player I tried. Since I haven't got much time, and re-uploading everything is somewhat painful (create an archive + album = 400 MB, to 6 mirrors - not long though), if someone hands me a proper reencode of the tracks, I'll upload them right away (after getting the approval from snappleman or another project director). EDIT: I just saw I was credited on that wikipedia entry. If you want it right, just put "BLueBeRRy" (and I'm Pierre Capillon, by the way).
  10. I'll upload fixed tracks tomorrow (almost 1 am here). I'm quite busy right now, as exams are approaching. Please be patient. I didn't notice those crashes/bugs although I listened to the project on almost everything for almost a week : VLC (MacOS), iTunes (MacOS/Win), mediaplayer classic (Win), Windows Media Player 9/10/11, Quicktime (MacOS/Win), PowerDVD (Win), WinAmp, my own iPod nano... my brother has it on his low-end mp3 usb key... That's kinda weird actually.
  11. Found a special stage reference around 2:30, and why does that part right after sound a lot like Ecco the Dolphin? That same track also ends with some Hydrocity notes. I can't find anything else in Divided from Grace. Beneath the Ashes also has some of Hidden Palace theme at the end, if I'm not mistaken. And Shumacher's Bar definitely has the Sonic 3 main menu theme at 1:52, and repeating some time after. God I love this kind of stuff.
  12. I'm sorry for that, just corrected the tracklist on the website, although correcting the mp3 names would be really painful (uploading again, re-editing links, making an archive for like the 4th time), and it wouldn't match the torrent anymore. Anyway, I already expressed my love to Hadyn and SnappleMan personnaly last week, but I'll make it more public. I love every single track it that project. Every one of them is surprising in its way. I wasn't expecting such attempts at IceCap, Death Egg, Marble Garden... Am I also the only listener to have noticed allusions to other Sonic games ? At 3:15 in Hetcenus' "That Freezing Feeling", you can clearly hear part of Volcano Valley Act 1&2 from Sonic 3D Blast. I think Rexy also used the main menu/super Sonic theme in Divided from Grace. Scrambled Eggman sounds a lot like some "Shadow of the Ninja" tune (especially at 2:35, that's almost exactly the same theme). And I've been told so, but my brother instantly catched the Judas Priest cover at the end of Doomsday. I actually played the whole game again with the tracks as background music, and it's awesome. Tension actually builds up. You may think that Death Egg track is kind of an outsider, but when you play the game, after an hour and a half or two hours, that freaking tracks gets to your nerves, slowly but surely preparing you to the upcoming arockalypse . I'm delighted, I'm glad for you, thank you all for these 2 hours of pure happiness.
  13. I've already tried to put the S&K logo as favicon, but it looks really bad @ 16x16. Currently, we have the Extra life monitor: http://www.projectchaos.info/favicon.ico
  14. I just tried on IE and firefox (windows & linux) and no problem. Try hitting ctrl+F5 on http://www.projectchaos.info/flash/home.php it will reload everything from the website instead of using your cache (this should work for anybody having troubles playing the new tracks, as their browser is using the old tracklist and doesn't get the newer ones). Shift+delete should also allow you to clear the cache. By the way, I've just uploaded a 13rd track to it, so you can check if you get it right now. If not, wipe your cache clean.
  15. Speaking of mirrors, I e-mailed that guy, Thrawn, but haven't got any reply yet. Anyone who's offering hosting, please contact me either by email, PM or MSN (pierrecap@yahoo.fr), we'll plan things up together. It would be better if you had SSH access on the machine, or could provide an FTP account, as transfers would be done in no time. And I've been told the project's size would be around 170 MB, be prepared for a bit more (especially If you were to mirror the bonus tracks, as they currently use 30 MB). I can't also estimate how much bandwidth it will generate, currently the teaser site hit 4.5 GB in 17 days, 27000 hits, and yesterday was the highest peak with 1 GB of transfer, getting higher and higher every day. EDIT: We can also have partial mirrors, as links for each song are independent on the website. Even if I don't know the final size, people with only 150 MB should be able to host ther the main soundtrack or the special themes disc.
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