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  1. My first review, and I couldn't have reviewed a better mix. When I first heard the original tune in Suikoden 2, I cried. Last time a piece of game music made me cry was the ending/credits music to Lufia 2. Oddly with this mix, as pretzel stated, when I close my eyes and listen..I imagine an underwater scene. It brings me peace, but also takes hold of my emotions. It's a beautiful piece indeed, filled with emotion. I believe that if the composer of the original could hear this, they'd be astonished and moved to tears. So thank you Hazama, for creating a piece that's made me cry even more than the original has.
  2. Though I'm new to these forums, I've been with a couple of other forums for a long time. I haven't read ALL 18 pages of this yet, but perhaps I will soon. And, the only thing I have to say is: It's more of a miracle (for any board) that after 18 pages, people are still STAYING ON TOPIC.
  3. Hardest final boss if you're clueless: Terranigma. That is, if you have no idea how to block. Probably wouldn't be possible to kill him anyway, but it's sometimes funny to watch people scream in panic over it. ; Hardest bosses I've run across so far.. The Four Abyss Gate Guardians in Romancing SaGa 3, but the second time around. (Before you fight the last boss.) Aunas and anything associated with him are permanently set in my mind as 'PURE EVIL.' It took me a while to get to the Fairy Village, and it took me DAYS to get to the Fire Palace. (I followed the Black Butterflies, as best as I could, for a day or so. Then, I just resorted to walking in and out randomly of exits. Heh.) Anyway, as far as the second Aunas battle..I cannot begin to tell you people how many savestate loads I did. I cannot imagine trying to beat him fairly on a SFC. The others were pretty much as much of a pain as he was, but not QUITE as much. Though, I must say that Byuunei was particularly harsh. -.-;
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