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  1. I will have to join in with those that love this remix. This is my favorite remix of all the remixes here. It has constantly been on my mp3 player, my phone, my psp. as a flute and clarinet player, i love woodwinds. I think this mix would have been ruined if he had added drums. On a side note it really annoys me when people will play that 'no no I'm not a racist/bigot/etc. because one of my best friends is asian/black/latino/white/middle eastern/etc' and that's suppposed to make the whole situation better. That is such a lame come back. Was Tamimi supposed to say 'Oh you do? well that changes everything!' or something along those lines?...It diminishes his intelligence. I'm not saying this was posted late because of discrimination or that dj pretzel is that sort of person (i don't know him). but that was the lamest comeback ever. I wish he'd take that comment down from the review...
  2. i love this remix. i'm not a remixer, but in my opinion, this one and tamimi's "nay tomorrow" are at the top of the remixes here <3
  3. i never said she said save me either. anyways i was thinking of binster's "icon" remix that has what yorda said in the beginning of the mix. sorry.
  4. clearly she did not say suki.it sounds more like 'sen - e' and she says it almost like that is the boy's name or at the least acknowledging his presence-- seeing that she opens her eyes and looks up at him... .perhaps someone is a little overzealous for a ico/yorda pairing? it does sound a lot like save me, so i guess that's how the remixer named this song. awesome remix btw
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