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  1. I have that size (in between 4000x4000 and 1500x1500). There was no point putting that size on my photobucket account though.
  2. Oh...oh wow... I didn't think it would be well received actually. It was the first kind of design like this I did. I was inspired by a couple of CDs I saw when I was out looking in a used CD store and I took some notes on designs. If you guys want feel free to use it for the forum project post!
  3. Are there any sources for Let's Play set ups? I'm trying to create one for a media site and want to cut out the video and paste it into this frame that makes it look like its playing on a oldskool tv. I'm hoping that's something I can do in after effects.
  4. I was cleaning through my files on my HDs and I forgot I had made this for the heck of it about a year or so ago. I usually like illustrating stuff but wanted to experiment. Might as well put this up here and see if people like it. Otherwise I'll just toss this I guess.
  5. I've got a few album cover ideas processed one front concept is pretty much done I'll e-mail them when I get completely done. I have a website I need to work on so it might take some time to get them ALL done. What's better PDFs or JPEGS?
  6. Is anyone planning on doing something from Kid Icarus Myth and Monsters or whatever the GB game was called? I was just trying to get an idea of the games that were being represented.
  7. Hey prophet, did you get that preview I sent to you via email? I'm just wanting to make sure it went through for sure.
  8. Wow... looks like a lot of people are looking forward to this.... Makes me want to put even more effort into the art work!
  9. I think I have a week of the semester left after this before break, I'll be able to get more done during the upcoming weeks.
  10. Good thing I checked here first then, I'll just keep everything I finish in a folder until further direction.
  11. I've got a pretty nice illustration for the project coming up pretty soon. Not sure where I should present it, or if should even do it this early in the process.
  12. Here is the final stages of the front cover. Near completion, after some input from others in the community, I'll make the appropriate adjustments to finally finish it. I'll start working on the back and other stuff afterward.
  13. Just to let you all know still working on stuff, this is taking longer than I thought, I decided to make an addition that pushed the completion time a little back. Lemon, if you want to see some of the character designs just let me know.
  14. No need to worry bud, he was my favorite character in the game, he is in both versions of the cover I am working on.
  15. Here is the logo for my cover art, starting to work on characters in photoshop and painter now.
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