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  1. its a documentary project for the government. I am looking for a buyout.
  2. I was not getting the right response because I didn't make myself clear in the previous topic. I am a professional, and I am in need of some original tracks urgently. I remembered that ocremix had a good community so came here. Its really disappointing that I need to prove myself. goto my website www.suhrwardybrothers.com and check my work out for yourself.
  3. I am looking for some original compositions to use in a documentary. I need uplifting music with variations of piano and orchestra. I have attached a sample of one of the tracks, and I need something similar. http://www.suhrwardybrothers.com/track1.mp3 I need it quick, thats why if you have some original tracks already composed, let me know. Very IMPORTANT: The tracks should be in high sound quality and yeah, I am willing to pay for the track.
  4. I am looking for a composer(s) who are interested in working for a project. I regularly require music for different projects. Currently I am looking for someone with good 1) Guitar pieces 2) Orchesteral pieces with prominent Piano I have noticed a lot of really good compositions here, and it will be nice to work with some talented individuals. some of my work www.sb-productions.ca Note: It is a PAID project
  5. i am in love with this track... its superb... the theme played in different styles is just superb.... one of my favourite tracks on ocr
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