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  1. There was no real interest, probably. You can get Phantasmagoriat's and mine through animemusicvideos.org: http://www.animemusicvideos.org/members/members_videoinfo.php?v=153281 http://www.animemusicvideos.org/members/members_videoinfo.php?v=162666
  2. RRR, you can't compete with that; it's a VGDJ tradition. I can cook you up a script so you can have all the ReMix details on a single page. I miss hearing "EWW, this one is from 2000!".
  3. I agree with this, it's exactly how I feel. I wanted to post something but didn't want to spoil the moment. I hope to hear these new segments more fleshed out in the future episodes.
  4. Yeah, I got my money back, returned it to the owner, and apparently it WAS the charger. It works fine.
  5. Thank you for sharing this. I'm so sick of this, I'll probably be getting a new system since I can't get a first-party charger otherwise. Micro and SP share the same type of charger/battery, true?
  6. OK, this is really wierd. It just gave me 15 mins of play. I pressed the light button in the middle of the play and it immediately died.
  7. Recently, I bought a used GBA SP through an auctions site, without a charger. A week later I also bought a new third-party charger only to find out my new–old handheld doesn't work. When I plug it in, the red led gives only a flash and when I turn on the system it works for a second and dies. If I remove the battery and play it only with the charger (now this is really wierd) it gives me about 30 seconds of play time (at first it gave me almost 2 minutes) and then dies. It doesn't work again unless I let it sleep for few hours (without the battery only) and then 30 secs again. What could be the culprit of this? Is it the battery, the charger or the whole system? The owner actually says I must get a first-party charger in order for everything to function properly. Is that true or is he just messing with me?
  8. Wow. I've been listening to this for quite some time. After so many repeats, here are my thoughts. Please note that this is not a review by any means. The intro is sick. When The Collapse first started playing, I knew this was going to be one hell of a ride. Revolution is very ambitious; It further strengthens already strong first impressions. Burn Out is cool. I'm not a fan of the effects processing on the vocals though. Flash is pretty simple, and there lies it's strengh - it lends itself to dancefloor quite well. Get Down follows the similar pattern but it's much more elaborate. Both Flash and Get Down seem to be very DDR-friendly tracks. Minutes to Seconds is my least favorite. Everything kind of just rubbed me the wrong way here, vocals primarily. This is also the only track on the album I regularly skip. Heetseeker is an old favorite of mine. Now this one caught me off-guard. I didn't expect this flavor of trance, much less to be this intense and deep; I was shocked at how clean and polished everything sounded. It feels like this one just came out naturally. Blood Inside I also remember hearing earlier but it didn't impress me at the time. It was when I first went through the whole album that I realized how good the instrument choices were. This one's a grower definitely, and also one of the more danceable tracks on the album. Air is pretty nice and relaxing, one of the tracks that caught my attention on the very first listen. This Isn't Happening bored me at first which made me skip it a few times, but later on proved to be extremely catchy. A grower. The Return of Supernovatomic...now this is where I...well, cringed. It's a pretty good track but the vocals sound really cheesy (even more so than on Burn Out)...kinda like the German 90's sound (Scooter), little of which I can stand. But otherwise, I really like the beat and especially the melodies on this one. Revolt and Praxis are both huge. Revolt especially gives me chills. Oh, and finaly some guitars on Praxis. Thumbs up. Though Everything May Fade Away is my absolute favorite! It's just mindblowing. I'm so impressed with this track, I consider it my #1 favorite Beatdrop song (followed closely by Afterburner). As for Seek High + Low, I like this chiptune sounding style a lot. I seemed to dig the track at first, but it didn't hold my attention for too long. I like when artists leave the best for last, so in that respect this one is a little bit dissapointing (but not bad). Overall, this is nothing short of amazing. Thank you so much for putting this out for free! Your music has become very dear to me.
  9. No no, it's valid, I guess. But the interpretation still sucks though.
  10. It's better because it's Dream Theater. I can't believe this, another case of plagirism! OurStage is infested with posers, and this one made it to the finals! Oh wait, they take covers too?
  11. Yes, I'm waiting for their response. I'm surprised they haven't taken care of it already, the author said it himself that he used two commercial songs.
  12. I'll be rocking the semi-finals and the finals, like before. On a side note, this song is made of two pirated mp3's and a crossfade, literaly. Yet, it's currently sitting at #5.
  13. Holy crap, Hajime is #1! Well done, everyone. Maybe that blog post gave it a boost?
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