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  1. Hello Djpretzel and all remixers, Please forgive me if this is not posted in the correct forum. Firstly, thank you for all you have done for the human race by bringing OCREMIX to our lives. Secondly, in the early 2000s, when there was no OCREMIX, there were some remixes that were available online. I have 3 such remixes that are attributed to "Brendan#1" at http://mp3.com/BrendanNumberOn I think it is made by the drummer of Fugazi, Brendan Canty as the group has a song called "Brendan #1." Also, listening to some of there work, it seems like the styles may be similar,
  2. This is such a great remix. It really fills the space with so much crisp moving notes. I really like the synth used for the melody in the beginning. It is of a similar sound as that used in Strider 1 at the beginning of the Amazon stage. Can't stop listening to this.
  3. wow. posted back in 2001. This song is so great. The tune by Chip Tanaka has the ska / island flair to it, and this remix takes it where it needed to go. Jake Kaufman, remixer in 2001 who is now having his shantae and shovel knight compositions being remixed by other fans. OCREMIX, the circle is complete.
  4. Wow. Hearing this again in 2018. Forget all the technical jargon from people in the know when it comes to music theory. I'm a fan of the games. I played it in the arcade. Back in the day when home consoles weren't in every home, just in the rich kid's house that everyone pretended to like so they could play Nintendo. This song just such a great reflection on that time period where the blaxploitation / dubbed kung fu films of the 70's and their accompanying funk were converging with the 80's synth and ninja fever. I mean that bit at 1:25 was killer ! ! ! It is so much fun
  5. I have to say that this remixer rocks for remixing this game. In direct comparison with the source material from the "China" stage, I have disagree with the review panel on their thoughts on the zheng or koto sample. In the source material, the electronic bastardization of Chinese a flute is loud and too crisp over the other sounds. Contrasting to this, the remixer gives the lead a drier, almost washed out, zheng sound sound for the lead. This is excellent as it better embodies the location of the stage for two reasons: the zheng is a traditional Chinese instrument and its toned down prese
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