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  1. You might as well ask "Would I like to drink water or sewage?" If you have a decent PC (and HL2 is a couple years old) I can't think of any reasons to play a console ver over PC, unless you chiefly want to play w/ your 360-owning friends or something. PC always = customine graphics/framerate, mods, cheaper game price, much better control options.
  2. If you want to take SF remotely seriously, do not play on a handheld. It's not a bad thing if you just want to get good at playing against the comp and having fun, but to learn about the game on anything but the most basic level, you'd want to be playing on the MAME Alpha 3 (the Playstation 2 collection is better than the handheld, but still not the "true" version -- A3 tourney scene is dead so it really doesn't matter I guess). While you're starting from the beginning, getting a good stick (Hori products are the best out-of-the-box, relatively cheap solutions) is key for most players (almost no one plays pad at high-level). Just play humans if you have someone else into the game (on computer, a custom-made networking program called GGPO recently came out that is supporting more and more fighters, like Alpha 2 and Vamp Savior so far), or find people in your state/area through da Internet if you really want to learn fast. is your best bet to learn about all aspects of a Street Fighter (beginning + advanced) and 2-D fighters in general. Don't use gamefaqs or other message boards aside from a quick movelist, unless you know the poster is a tournament player (e.g. well-known MK player Shock's UMK3 combo guide). You'll mostly just be taking large amounts of backwards steps for every tidbit of good. Even on SRK most of the today's posters are not great players, but there are a lot of old, comprehensive threads for each game. Sorry if this is all way more than you really wanted to know or care about
  3. It's been a long time since I was compelled to DL another FFVII remix, but this one sounded very compelling (I LOVE the guitar!!), and I was also hoping it was the track from the Round Square date, my fav track in the game. Behold the glory!! I'm a big fan of bending and vibratto and crap, so the high bends didn't bother me at all... I too would have liked a more epic ending than the fadeout, but I'll take it