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  1. About the remix: This is a remix of "Quiet and Falling" from Celeste. It's the song from the Mirror Temple. I had a lot of fun doing this one! The original is pretty cold and surreal, the B-side is downright funky, so I decided to take this in a direction different to the songs in the game. I also brought back an old pseudonym for the remix. FL Studio 20 was used for both the song and the visualization on YouTube (via ZGameEditor Visualizer.) I incorporated a lot of "found sounds" - metal sheets, keys on a desk, all sorts of fun improvised percussion. The synthwork is Sytrus and Vanguard. The orchestral sounds came from Nexus. Direct links: FLAC: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1AysvIq409_CPTiiP8BrEcn6Io5fi9Jyw/view?usp=sharing MP3: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UeBfcCpzPecahj0LIApEkq6M6lOCt65b/view?usp=sharing Social links: I considered submitting this to OCR, and I'd like to know what y'all think. Is it a good candidate? Thanks for listening~
  2. Thanks for the prompt feedback. Clipping issues are due to the MP3 compression; the original WAV mix is limited to -0.5dB. The heavy compression and "pumping" is part of the sound I was going for, actually. There is no clipping or unintentional distorting in the original render. I really dig the idea of breaking down the percussion a bit more and adding fills, and will definitely consider it in the next edition. The piano patch I am currently using isn't really velocity sensitive so it will definitely lack in depth especially when it is compressed in the mix as it is (which is also the sound I was going for, but the piano patch itself isn't varied enough - I may just instead find time at the studio and record someone playing the lines for me.) As for adding original material, I half-agree. While there isn't much in the original to go on, it was definitely designed to be background music and nothing too prominent to distract from the game itself. Maybe I could take their chord progression and write something around it... Great suggestions so far.
  3. Aside from Zelda, this also reminds me of some creepy track I heard from Grandia 2. Anyway, at the beginning, I think the white noise sounds are a bit loud. I got the vibe that this was going to be an ambient track, so the driving beat starting at 1:50-ish took me a bit by surprise. Not particularly a bad thing though. Again, after 2:15, the white noise sounds are a bit overwhelming. The heartbeat bassdrum is great after 2:45 is an excellent touch to the track. The earlier one in the song sounds great as well, but if the driving hard bass drum beat is going to follow that, you could perhaps lead in with it using a fill or something. Just some nitpicks. The track itself is pretty good, I dig the dissonance this track offers. A bit more of a smooth transition between the parts and toning down the white noise would definitely earn a spot for this in my playlist.
  4. This is a remix of Freya's Theme from Final Fantasy IX. It's also pretty much a remix of Burmecian Kingdom, since the two songs are very similar - makes sense if you've played the game. Of the keys from each song, the one from Burmecian Kingdom sat best with the bass so I used that one. There is a particular chord around 3:17 that I can't help thinking is incorrect. The string section contains the correct notes from the melody, but they don't sit well with the chord... http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?n2zbd5whnww (320kbps download) http://www.sanxion7.com (streamed on-site via SoundClick player)
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