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  1. Thanks Andrew, Steve, Jill, Jeremy, for letting me in on this hot piece of pop. And thanks DJP for being memorably ridiculous.


    Very nice...'grats to everyone involved. The only way this could've been better would've been if Shonen Shamurai had joined in on the action.

    ...That's Shonen singing the male vocals... And he was a major force in the lyric-writing, too.

    Shonnen Shamurai is my evil clone (no, seriously).

  2. Nothing more can be said about this mix besides "brilliant".


    "Okay, it's MMXX Latino Radio, and here we are once again with Mustin's 'Proto Man Blues'. And just because I like it so much, let's hear another cut, a collaboration! The ears of nyKad, Dale North, Nate Cloud and Mustin speak--Needles!"

    I really don't get the last part, with "hablan las orejas". Is it a colloquialism? Not even my HS spanish teacher know what it meant, oither than "the ears of (person) speak."

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