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  1. Yeah, I spend a lot of my listening time with this song criticizing my voice. I'd like to say that two years have made a difference, but I've had no vocal training since then either, so it'd be fibbing of a sort. I'm nowhere near the vocalist that Jill is--I've never claimed to be, of course--and the fact of the matter is that she's leaps and bounds beyond me in technique and ability. That said--I'm still proud to be part of the whole thing; even if my contribution was the "least best", I still brought exactly what I had to offer to the table and I think that it works.
  2. This is the update I've been waiting for. Every JAPAN TIME I hit F5, praying for a Lucas moveset. And at the same time, I'm worried that this is a death knell for my Nessticle. But! Nice moveset! And they kept his almighty back-kick, plus he can tether-grab ledges (and people!) now. Ness' grab range was utter trash and it's nice to see that they've improved on it. Now if they just keep his ridiculously overpowered back-throw, we'll be in good shape.
  3. Dear new stages: Stop fucking moving
  4. Fuck the Ice Climbers and everything to do with them
  5. T-minus 13 to JAPAN TIME. What's the givings, Sak-kun?
  6. YES YES YES YES YES dedededededededede
  8. Home Run Contest! Two updates with Lucas pics this week leads me to believe that we'll get his moveset this week, god willing. Looks like they replaced Ness' fair with that little pingy kick you can see in this update, though.
  9. I play Ness and JP, both of which have not been announced Hopefully Lucas plays enough like my boy Ness
  10. Here's hoping he plays like a cross between Jigglypuff and Sheik.
  11. Who says I work for Blizzard? That sounds ridiculous. If I did, I certainly wouldn't want people saying I did on a public forum, since I believe that's pretty frowned upon in the company.
  12. more like illidown more like illidrama more li
  13. Yes, because once we kill Arthas, there's no Kil'jaeden, Sargeras, Old Gods, Elementals, Azshara,
  14. And to complete the trifecta, here's a rundown (CONFIRMED) of features for the xp and between now and then. Level Cap: 80 Skill Cap: 450 Continent: Northrend Number of Zones: 10 (tentatively), for levels 68 and above Profession: Inscription Class: Death Knight (first-ever Hero Class) Features: Outdoor PVP zone with siege weapons and destructible buildings. Inscription Wrath of the Lich King will introduce a new profession called Inscription that will let players customize individual spells and abilities in their spell book -- to change the cooldown timer on a Fireball, for example, or alter the crit rate of a healing spell. Outdoor PvP One of Northrend's 10 new zones (final count still tentative) is an outdoor PVP zone that introduces the concept of siege weapons (Meat Wagons, Steam Tanks, etc.) and destructible buildings. Blizzard describes the outdoor zone as basically a "non-instanced Battleground" where completing objectives earns world-wide bonuses for your side (Think Spirit Shard buff in Auchindoun instances). The PVP zone is entirely avoidable (if you're the carebear type), and seige weapons won't be useable outside their designated PVP area. Northrend Having learned a valuable lesson about funneling 8.5 million players into once single starting zone with The Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King lets players pick a zone on either side of the continent to start from: Borean Tundra in the west or Howling Fjord in the east. Each zone has level-equivalent quests (appropriate for approximately level 68 through 72) and one Hellfire Peninsula-style instance hub with multiple dungeon wings for level 70 characters, level 80 characters, and raiders. While Northrend immediately calls to mind ice and snow, Blizzard doesn't want to make those themes dominate Northrend completely-expect as much variety as ever, only not quite as weird and wild as Outland. Northrend's indigenous inhabitants include a Viking-like race called the Vrykul: 15-foot-tall humanoids with a strong Norse influence. Most Vrykul you encounter will be your enemies, as they've been in Northrend so long that the Lich King holds a lot of sway over them. Another friendly race -- the walrus-like Tuskarr -- will serve as a cute little counterpoint to the lumbering undead-loving oafs. World * Dalaran will be moved and hover above Northrend. It will be used as a neutral capital city. * There are more daily quests coming in the next patch-- a dungeon daily quest, a battleground daily quest, and a cooking daily quest. Instances * A new 25 man dungeon is scheduled for release after Zul'aman, it will have 6 bosses with loots higher than tier 6. Another 5-man instance is also considered. (This will be before the expansion) * There will be a new CoT instance in the expansion. PvP New Battleground * Siege vehicles that you can drive around * 15 People in each team * 30~40 minutes long games. * The more you blow up, the more honor you get New Arena Season * New Season * New Arena * New Gear There will also be a new Outdoor non-instanced world PVP Zone with impact on the whole world. (Even for PVE Servers) Hero Classes Hero Classes won't be released all at once because of balancing issues. They're classic Warcraft 3 characters with an "epic feel" (something really different than the ordinary) The hero class will be created on a new character slot once you completed the quest, you won't lose your original character. Death Knight * The current plan is to have the class available for all races. * Designed to fullfill both tanking and DPS roles * Can tank using 2H weapons or by Dual-Wielding, no need for shields. * Rather than using rage, energy, or mana, Death Knights have a special "rune sword" displayed beneath their health bar, onto which the player can etch six different runes (choose between Frost, Blood, and Unholy). * Rune resource system. Three rune schools: Blood runes, frost, and unholy runes. All DK spells and abilities will use these different runes in some combo. DKs carve these runes into their weapon-- done anytime outside of combat. * Character portrait has six runes in place of the mana bar (and a special circle around the icon, probably for Hero class). These runes are consume as your spells use them-- they deactivate and then reactivate over time, so if you have two frost and four blood runes, you get that much to use as spells and abilities. We have plans for mechanics that allow you to change one resource type on the fly-- like Warlock's Life Tap (Health=mana). Let me know if you guys need more information.
  15. They didn't release a CGI for BC until just before it launched.
  16. i don't know anything about lore, but wtf blizz, you kill a bad guy from a previous game, this is the end of wow as we know it people will quit gg
  17. If by "looks like Warcraft 3" you mean "the colors are vivid", then yes, it looks like Warcraft 3.
  18. Yeah, I'm all about JP and Nessticle. I know Ness is supposed to be really low-tier but he's pretty terrifying if you really know what you're doing.
  19. http://kotaku.com/gaming/you-cant-be-me-im-a-rockstar/get-your-dulcet-tones-in-final-fantasy-iv-264360.php Square is looking for a vocalist for the Theme of Love for FF4 DS. They're having an "open mic" contest to pick them. I'm looking at you, pixietricks!
  20. You're right, I have no idea what I'm talking about.
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