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  1. Hate to point this out, but a ReMix means you can take parts of the original song and make it sound remixxed or different. If you wanted to listen to the Chao marathon turn on your SA2 and listen to that. This song is brillant and has a great beat to it, if you wanted original beat perhaps you should just go out and buy the SA2 soundtrack?
  2. It seems that everyone else here has their volume cranked to max and the bass knob turned as far as it will go, because this song sounds perfect to me. Fast, hard, nice feeling to it. And I listened to this on my Dolby 5.1 surround with 5 speakers set to about 50% of max volume. Remember to turn down your speakers from max kiddies.
  3. Simply Tikals theme with an as allready mentioned Raggae and drum beat. Well done, but feels too drawn out. Good but could have been better.
  4. Awesome, this is the music that should come right after you end up dying in the shareware DOOM on this very level. Hands down the best song here. Simply amazing. Heck I would love to hear this thing play in the DOOM movie (if there ever will be one) say-for the credits.
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