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  1. I report nemo too. bleh I have to play uranus
  2. Kamoh is going to win this tournament out of pity hehe
  3. Kamoh. Another victim of 1 e4, e5, Qh5
  4. I vote for myself. Please vote for me (:
  5. I'm reporting the winner of bahamut/keegan. Call it PMS whatever...
  6. Might be early in some parts of the world, so recount how drunk did you get e.t.c. I had lots of fun with friends. 1/5 Sydneysiders turned up, 1 million people >.>
  7. I'm counter reporting you sorry. I'm online much more than you are, but hey I can't be home everyyyy day. Tommorow is a really really bad time. NYE.
  8. Because its the school summer break. Dama told me to play him , 2 days ago, today in 5 hours. I won't be home...
  9. God Bless you, James brown. Last year Ray Charles died I think. And Marlon Brando. Soo many legends passing on ):
  10. get me a pink ds lite zomg zold out everywhere god i need sleep this soooo of topic.
  11. 2-0 versus dama, now to hunt.. err track snerrak down
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