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  1. Oh snap, there's a Dota 2 topic on OC Remix? Well, I'm late. <3
  2. Such an epic song. Love it! When 4:42 hits, it really feels like the ending to a movie. So full of energy! Great job
  3. I really can't believe I watched all that. That was amazing though haha.
  4. I think nostalgia is what brought me here back in the day - you know, discovering all the awesome remixes to my favorite games - but then it just evolved into appreciating good music from a medium that I love. I just love good video game music in general...the ones that encapsulate emotion and feeling and what's going on the time. For awhile it really was just nostalgia. Then at one point I just started listening to all the new remixes that came out, and listened to the old OC Remix radio and realized "wtf have I been missing?". Eventually I just realized that I liked listening to effin' game music in general, and OC Remix was a segue for me to learn about songs I was previously unaware about. Believe it or not (and many people will probably rip my head off for this), but I haven't played Chrono Trigger or Xenogears, but because of OC Remix their soundtracks are probably my favorite two of all the video games out there. I think it starts out as nostalgia, but if you stick with it, you just end up liking everything about it.
  5. Hmm...so has anybody played Riven yet? I usually wonder about the early consensus of new heroes since I never shell out the RP/IP to buy them on release .
  6. What baffles me the most about this is that someone is playing Twitch. I haven't seen a Twitch in AGES it feels like. But man, tough to win with that team comp. Easy to see how Twitch would faceroll with a Banshee's as well as going against a team with no dedicated tank. Dat Annie build. Too gud haha.
  7. Hmm...I think you underestimate the power of free-farming or just farming in general. If the other team is actively ganking/pushing a 5v4 lane, it's not all that bad unless your team is inadequate or has horrible team composition or the other team has an awesome composition. Eh, I guess what I'm saying is that there's a lot of factors to consider to just assume that a 5v4 push or even 2v2/3v2 lanes are lost while you're farming. A lot of it, IMO, really depends on everyone else over the passive-farmer. Yes, they get gold for towers and team members killed while you're passively farming. But if your team is decent, they won't get them easy, and they might not even get those towers at all. If they're carry is occupied with this engage, then they're not last-hitting while you are. If your team is good their carry will walk away from the push without much gold due to not being able to get a kill, the tower, or a decent farm. Yet this whole time you're last-hitting to the best of your ability, pushing your lane, and are closer to that IE than the carry who didn't choose to farm. I agree with you that gold advantage plays a big component in winning games, but if both teams are about equal in skill level and aggression, then not a lot of gold are going to be made from careless kills/ganks and easy mistakes. Think about it: ten minutes in and somehow everyone is 0-0. The player with the most gold at this point would be the player with the highest CS. Mid or late game, however, I agree that farming isn't all that important IF everyone's doing pretty darn okay. If you have a player that's going 0/5/1, and is 2 levels behind the lowest level champ on the other team and your carry isn't 17/3/12 facerolling at this point, best be sure to tell that player to farm. Nothing else they can do. Especially if you're the carry. What the heck: are you doing trying to gank without your IE yet? You're not doing any damage because they've already bought Funfires and Warden's Mails to counter your currently-pitiful AD. Don't jump in there without your Deathcap. Oh, but that's right, you got Tibbers stun! Shoot, but they've farmed up to Banshee's and Merc. Treads. All of a sudden that one stun becomes obsolete and your skills barely scratch. Farm doesn't matter late game, but that seems to only be if you've already gotten your core and are doing pretty well. I guess if I was to make a point, I'd say that I agree that making gold is a big game-changer, and farming is the most reliable and safe way to do it.
  8. Out of all the fantastic melodies of the Zelda universe, I'm surprised that the game over jingle from the original Legend of Zelda has gone untouched. YouTube Link: Game Over song It has a memorable tune and, in my opinion, can be really flexible. This isn't much of a Request as it is a "hey guys, maybe you can do something with this!" sorta thing.
  9. Wheee a place to share my subpar skills! Need moar time learning how 2 color in Photshop T_T
  10. So excited about the announcement of Borderlands 2. I played the PC version to death with a couple friends and am pretty sure we're going to get into this one as well. Hope they fix a few of minor gripes I had with the first one, such as having no minimap on the HUD or not being able to set your own waypoints.
  11. That was effin' sick. I don't know what else to provide to the conversation besides that fact.
  12. Hey, at least you're attempting to play the campaign on Brutal. For some reason in my mind I've made the steadfast decision to not even touch the campaign on that difficulty >_<.
  13. Pretty fun game if you and a couple friends have some free time. STILL have to finish normal difficulty, because me and a friend always get torn up by infestations, even though I drop a couple beacons. Hate those large enemies that sends salvos of three bombs towards you too. Those guys are annoying.
  14. Original link blew my mind as well. Nice find. Totaka's song is pretty crazy in terms of the methods they had to do to find the songs.
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