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  1. Where's the melodyyyyyy? =( /whines But seriously...lack of melody makes me sad. I love chords as much as the next guy, but without a melody its just background.
  2. Sounds good to me, I'm working on something for the Credits theme. Yea, Xenon, I thought the same thing lol. Regardless, this sounds like fun.
  3. It's a soundfont with alot of thought and sequencing lol. It's called "Thrash Blues Guitar" and has been sitting in my collection gathering dust until now. IT's really useful, and superb if you adjust it just right (and dont go to fast...one of my mistakes lol). Thanks =)
  4. Lol I used FL Studio myself...Sorry if anything I said was taken negatively...
  5. Great entries all around this week, as most people said, placing was very tough. I actually changed my first place vote a couple times before settling (on a deviation from the norm, no less). Man do I feel like I stick out in the crowd o.0. It does feel good to be back, doesn't it Prophecy? lol congrats dude.
  6. Wow...people are coming back from way back when. Edit: Also, I've been thinking about this for days...gotta love the melody overlap with this. http://www.ocremix.org/remix/OCR00597/
  7. Little more than a day left! Two mixes aren't enough!
  8. I'm not sure if anyone's suggested it yet, but Tales from the Abyss is an amazing PS2 game. It's very much an RPG, but the battle system makes the entire game. http://www.gamespot.com/ps2/rpg/talesoftheabyss/index.html
  9. Haha, well then, I guess that's why I've been having problems...
  10. Ok, I realize this is ocremix, but trust me, if I could post this over at vgmix I'd have done it. As you can probably tell, I'm trying to register over at vgmix.com. Unfortunately, no matter which name I type into the "User Name" box in the Registering screen, it's in use. Now, I'm not whining that someone took my name or whatever, I mean EVERYTHING I type in doesn't work. I've even tried Supercalifragile. Either someone is screwed up enough to actually use that as a name, or vgmix just doesn't want me on the site. Any thoughts on what's happening here? Any feedback is much appreciated!
  11. I hope I count as an old face, though I was never very active lol...I have about half a song done, hopefully I'll be finished by the deadline. Easy source, IMO.
  12. Ohhh man...so much room to breathe in this competition. Expect an entry.
  13. I really have to check this more often...I'm pissed. This was a really great source tune...although nobody would like my rendition, as always haha. =p
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