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  1. Booyeah mutha humpa... first post... you have no friends? Hah!

  2. I swear I'm still alive, this semester is (almost) over, so things might actually work out for me now, with one final to go. Anyways, I'm gonna go ahead and update the main post again, and HUGE PROPS to avaris for not killing me multiple times over and being here. *let the tomato throwing begin* Here, I'll throw the first at myself.
  3. Well, I did go through the proper channels back in the day(which have now since been abandoned, since it was creating a "bottleneck"), and *turn on sarcasm*since its in the site project forum, i'd say i'm preeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetty sure it is *sarcasm off* All joking aside, I don't think we get discussed as much because: 1)Xenogears gets a lotta remixes(but mainly from only a few songs) 2)We've been around for a while 3)We haven't been making a big deal of ourselves 4)We're not a huge scale project, unlike Summoning of Spirits 5)Most of our discussion takes place in a private forum, so that there is somewhere to bounce around WIPs and ideas without dealing with massive amounts of PM's and emails. But hey, from the looks of it, we should be done soon. And then we'll get our turn in the spotlight. So those of you who haven't finished their tracks *raises hand*, get to work! *kicks self mentally to get to work* Cheers!
  4. Very true. I now have 450 gigs of free space on my hd now! i only had like 30 before...anyways, im working on it right now, so it should all be good.
  5. Well this is interesting...and slightly annoying. I was moving a partition today, and my comp froze on me, and in the process, completely wiped my hard drive. So all my mix data is gone, but this can be considered a good thing, since I was having serious difficulties finishing it. So I now have an excuse to start over, since I now have the Windows 7 beta running on my comp and Finale works like a charm with it. So it'll still be a piano piece, but won't be quite so drug out and long. Once I finish catching myself up on the absolute essential programs I need again, my mix will begin. And that should be sometime tonight. Wish me luck.
  6. Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, im workin on mine, its gettin closer, i've been writing piano music recently so that i could improve the mix. Gimme...say...two weeks and i'll try to finish. Other than that, back to homework....
  7. I would like to know too. I just got off of the OMGWTFHAPPENEDTOMYFREETIME?!?!?! kick. Finals are over, and I dont have to help with my bros wedding. Now that they're over and done with, i can go ahead and finish my mix.
  8. You can, it's just that everywhere else, the uninformed consensus is you can't. They seemed to have not look in the Options menu... I'm fine with the defaults though.
  9. Alright, got it this morning, turned on my gfx card's Vsync, turned off the game's Vsync, and turned the resolution up to 1280 x 1024 (my monitor's max), and the game works BEAUTIFULLY. Some people say the control scheme is awkward, but I haven't had any problems yet. Halfway through the third chapter and loving every minute. Great game.
  10. OK, thanks for the update. Very nice.
  11. This is the best (most detailed) fix I've seen yet, but this is the general consensus: And then if you're having screen tearing issues, this is the rest of the fix: If you need to use V-Sync, use the video card's v-sync because it works better than the game's. Those are the fixes that I could find. Hope they help! EDIT: After a bit of looking, the people who took the 5-10 minutes to get used to the controls said it plays great. So it's a matter of preference at this point.
  12. Actually I'm going to be getting the PC version here pretty quick, and I've been browsing the board for the PC version on Gamefaqs, and with some tweaks, the problem is easily fixed. So there shouldn't be any problems for me.
  13. I'm alive, I've just been swamped with homework. I keep active tabs though. EDIT: I guess you deleted the message. Yay for email notification.
  14. Foxhull


    I HATE the Grox. However, I did make it to the center of the galaxy, and laughed my head off. Now to find Earth... EDIT: Found it, now colonized and I'm in the process of establishing my hand-made Neanderthals as the dominant omnivore...other than me.
  15. Foxhull


    About two thirds of the way into the center of the galaxy I went exploring on a planet for a mission. Guess what main herbivore there was? CHOCOBOS! I kid you not, that almost gave a heart attack of sheer surprise, though on second thought, I should have seen it coming.
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