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  1. Finally. The wait was too long, hopefully it was worth it.. Good job gentlemen.
  2. Alright so after listening to this album a good number of times I give it a 4.2/5. The album as a whole is well done and everyone who worked on it did a great job, your work is greatly appreciated. I enjoyed the majority of the tracks, and despite not looking forward to the ones with vocals, I found most of these well done such as Backwards Room (Run, Rambi! Run) and A New Place (Hot Head Hop). Backwards Room (Run, Rambi! Run) is the best vocal song on the album and one of my favourite tracks on the album. Many of the remixes are very reminiscent of the originals, with Roller Disco (Disco Trai
  3. Dave Wise is on this? This is incredible!!!! 88% done.
  4. Nice!!!!!! Downloading now!!! This is incredible!! Grr hurry up and finish, downloads!
  5. I think it'll release around 11:00 pm EST... Which really sucks because I have to get up early and normally go to bed at that time.
  6. Anticipating release. Kind of disappointed its not called Kong in Concert 2 but oh well. Not looking forward to the song with lyrics in it.
  7. The project would benefit the community; it's not just "I want an album all for me!" I want to make this project because I've seen a number of people asking for it and I haven't seen anyone making any effort to start it so I'm thinking of starting it. I know I've been waiting a long time for it to happen... Anyway, I see what you mean. I guess I'll hold it off then and hope someone else step up one day then.
  8. If I wanted to make a project, would I have to contribute to it, or can I just organize it and tell the remixers what I would like in it? Because I'm thinking of starting a project, but since I don't have the software/know how to remix, I was planning on just organizing it, finding remixers, and telling them what I expect and help them through with my vision of the project. Also, would I have to pay for the website that houses the information, or would OC ReMix cover the expense?
  9. That looks pretty good actually. I guess I'll use that for now until someone makes an official cover. Because if they're not large enough/not high quality, you get an ugly, small, pixelated image. Putting in more white space just makes it worse. I have an iPod Touch which has a larger screen than the iPod Video and iPod Nano so it needs good images for them to look nice. I don't get why there can't be a really large (even 300x300 or 400x400 pixels) OC ReMix logo. Look at how large Kong in Concert, Chrono Symphonic, and Final Fantasy: Voices of the Lifestream's album covers are. http://ocremix
  10. I don't want those ones, I want one like the logo in the top-left hand corner. Those aren't bad, but I was hoping for larger dimensions.
  11. Is there a high quality image of OC ReMix's logo? I'ld like one for my iPod so that when I download some songs, I can use the image rather than using the iPod's ugly default image.
  12. Wow cool I can't believe you guys did this. I never go on OC Remix, and only downloaded Kong in Concert (which is awesome btw). I only made this account to compliment the KiC guys, and here I am complimenting you guys who made this album. I'll definitely listen to these tracks! Keep up the good work guys! After listening to the soundtrack, I must say it's pretty sweet. However, a disliked a few tracks, mainly the ones with lyrics added. Adrenalyne Kick is OK though would be much better without the guy talking. The Crossroads I just despise like totally (sorry). I just dislike how you guys just
  13. You guys did a really great job. I've always loved DKC's music, and you guys have made me love it so much more. I only disliked "Funkey Monkey Love" and "Idols of Hanuman". Anyway, besides those 2 songs, great job guys! I've listened to most of the tracks over 80 times each and think this album is one of the greatest remixes of all time. Awesome! PLEASE make a Kong in Concert 2!
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