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  1. I like 2fort over sawmill as well....although playing alter ego Ax Axington on 2fort has become less fun now that there are all these eyelander demos running around. And for all you that I met at MAGfest, I'm here, and posting, and I will attempt to make that a usual thing...though I am much better at lurking. Also, you've learned I'm the best medic in the real world as well.
  2. Personally, I enjoy doublecross alot still. 2fort always feels like a timewaster to me, sort of a "well lets play this for afew minutes so we don't have to play seriously until the next map". How often do we hit 2fort without half the server RTV spamming until we leave?
  3. Would have loved to go, I know acouple people that live out there, but I couldn't aquire the days off....I love working weekends.... Listened to them for awhile, then saw them live @ 64-gen and they were pretty awesome. Hope the show is awesome
  4. Wow lots of Demohate here....I'll be the first to whine when a demo starts sploding my whole team, but I dont think they are OP. I think weirdboy got it right. It generally doesn't help when a demo has a CP stickied up, then 5 people run onto it like "OMGIMGONNACAPTHISPOINTRIGHTNOAW" and afterwards all rage when the demo kills half the team. I'm just like you D-lux I have between 60-25 hours on all my other classes, demo sits at the bottom with 2.5! Just isn't a fun class for me. Also I'm interested in a flag brushfire my place needs more TF2 awesomes
  5. was my first magfest too, ive talked to Brendan at other cons for acoupel years now and finally made my way down after being yelled at by everyone for not going, so glad i did though. I missed metroid metal though....very unfortunate. A-rival was tons of fun to watch too yeah i was considering costuming but im lazy, plus most of my stuff is bulky and i cant just run between the the gameing rooms and the concerts and stuff without epic manuevering.... least i got to wear my new favorite stormtrooper hoodie
  6. You should Definitely get the MGS pack, the levels were great and they make a really incredible metal gear creature, and of course the paintgun is a great addition for playing with the in the level editor. lots of fun MGS costumes too! also, does anyone know where we could get the soundtrack to this game, i really love some of those goofy songs in there!
  7. as far as the deathclaws go I've pretty much been setting bottlecap mines all over the place and finishing them off with a shotgun blast or two myself....but then, i always make sure I'm stocked on bottecap mines becuase i luuurrrrve them.
  8. I think this is my favorite Sandopolis mix I've heard so far. Totally keeps to sonic. The Arabian sound mixed with those 8i0's beats fits together really well the way it was done. And whenever you almost think its going to get repetitive he switches it up enough to keep it kicking. The intro is fun and kicks into everything pretty smoothly, the meat of the song is funky and I really like the last groove that comes in right around the 4:00 mark. goodstuff, definitely getting onto my sonic playlist!
  9. I went to the Play! concert in Baltimore too, I had a great time there, so drag everyone you can along with you. They also played a really awesome guildwars song, cant remember which exactly though....
  10. Wow....that was alittle scary, guess we know never to leave roommates alone in the room with a video camera, lest the world see how crayZ they really are. ...also they might play your guitar with thier dicks....
  11. wow, I've been sitting here for awhile debating over this, it's hard to come up with a total overall best moment... There were several moments in MGS4 that were crayZ awesome or made me angry or sad or whatever can a whole game be a moment? I'm also gonna go mega oldschool here and go with my completion of earthbound, I had never played the game before, but it has totally burned itself into my heart, now I know why everyone who has played it raves about it so much, it was hilarious and heartwarming and Im so happy I took the time to play it! I know my best multiplayer moment would probably be from SSBB though, in an epic duel against my arch-nemesis(roommate) samus vs falcon, which has been our mega deathmatch since SSB(64). we had 8 or so people hanging around playing on acouple screens, and everyone was watching the match, after like a minute of an edgegaurding battle on our last stock we both knocked each other in opposite directions and i ran onto the stage and somehow managed to get hit with knee, after which he followed me off the stage and followed through with a totally unnecessary FALCON PUNCH!!!!!....because I just wasn't dead enough. yeah, I lost, but it was so hilarious, and everyone was laughing so hard. And to this day, whenever my friends and I mention SSB, it pretty much goes to "hey, remember that time you got falcon punched while you were like 10 miles away from the edge of the stage?". That was kinda long, but, I think that you gotta include a silly multiplayer moment that lives in infamy sometimes. Moments playing games with your friends can be easily as memorable as the most heartwrenching, or incredible scene from your favorite RPG or FPS campaign playing by yourself.
  12. I haven't played chrono trigger since my original SNES days so when I found out the DS version was coming out I was all over that (not that anything was stopping me from playing it before a dozen different ways....but you know, the DS has magic) I was up through getting magus into my party when my DS was stolen at a convention this last weekend...alas my silver points are no more....
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