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  1. I never really expected an Eternal Champions remix, and I certainly never dreamed it would be this good. I remember way back I rented a copy of EC and loved its characters and storyline, but eventually forgot about it. Just after listening to this, I found a ROM--er, copy of it for the Sega/Mega CD and played with it. Xavier is the coolest character by far. Back on topic, Zircon really did bring out the best of the Eternal Champion's theme. My mind's eye sees Perpetual Motion as a lighter "color" than the average OCRemix; clear bell tones and--I'm not as versed on instruments or music, so bear with me--the "flute-like" instrument that composes the lead adds to this perception, I guess. If you don't get what I mean by "lighter color", suffice it to say that Perpetual Motion sounds more like a cathedral than, say, a dance hall; if that's not clear, I'm probably a music-to-visual Synaesthetic, so I don't blame you for not understanding. In short, it's very beautiful in a musical sense. I love all the remixes on this site, but I wish there were more like this one. Keep up the good work, Zircon.