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  1. About 30% of the old songs are recognized. I had 1-1000 on forehand (the old torrents). I'll seed, dedicating a few (3-4) mbps for the torrent until christmas at least.
  2. I'm sorry if this has been mentioned before, but Children of Mana is a excellent game for the DS. I picked it up at Tsutaya's recently (couple of weeks ago) and I just finished it. Been a bit busy. At any rate, I don't know if this is of much use, but i took some pics of the game since I have no idea how to dump screens from the DS. Ingame, fighting one of the first bosses. Pretty standard use of the dual screens, but convenient and practical. Ingame, dialogue mode - characters have different expressions depending on the situation and context, looks nice I think. Last one, this is from the opening video wich is animated, about 10fps or something. It really brings a quality feel to the game. I was thinking about making a gv/tube of it if anyone is interested (it probably exists already anyway..?)
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