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  1. Congrats! May life of judging(remixes), be a fulfilling Experience.
  2. Also, that error message that you received was not your fault. It occurred because someone who posted in the same thread you tried to, has the email notification on. The same will happen to anyone who attempts to post in that thread. As for the avatar, feel free to make one and post it in this thread. I cannot guarantee that it will be accepted, but hey, it's worth a try right? ah thanks for the info, and i'll give the avatar thread a shot.
  3. extend the black out and put my name in text in the center of the black. If you can(optional), make the text PS2\PS3 ish looking text. If ya want be creative, go right ahead. I guess the only two requirement would be, my name and the image. medium sized banner type
  4. You can change it to what you meant it to be in "Profile" btw. interesting...! i'll check that out.
  5. yo! /wave hey everyone been listening to and browsing OCRemix for quite sometime, probally started way back in '01, then kinda stoped cause school was getting in the way x-x; been listening to VGDJ since episode #014 then finally decided to sign up xD as for the name... Hollowed Piro <- Part of my Orginal SN Kurasaki <- was supposed kurosaki xD;; Overall: Bleach related xD PS: I tried signing up before under the name Piro-Kurasaki, but for some reason i got this werid message after i hit submit. PHP Error Activation E-mail not sent Debug Mode anyway let my newbishness be
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