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  1. Ah, my all time favorite vg-mix For some reason, it affects me deeply, and has almost made me cry few times Yeah I know, I'm a whimp... Well, on to the actual song then. Tbh, I really don't know what should be done differently. I know I hear some things that don't blend in in my head (like the part at 1.49), but I just can't bring myself to think badly of it. If something was done differently, it might not have the same, melodramatic effect on me. I had it as my alarm-clock tune for like what, 2 years? Every single morning (not literally) I woke up to djpretzel - Sonic the Hedgehog Love Hur
  2. "Do rap and vg-mixes mix?" If someone was to ask me that question, I'd propably say no, just because...well, chocolate doesn't mix with chicken either. Then again, I hear mixes - such as this one - and I wonder if anyone has ever actually tasted chicken with chocolate. The start of the song is pretty non-existant. It just comes from somewhere, with a smooth, relaxing bassline, and way a melody way too familiar for me (HC Sonic the Hedgehog -fan since early 90's), and here we are, with another noname white-rapper (please do correct me if I'm wrong), rapping to a beat made from a video-game mus
  3. This is a good piece right here. I like these, kind of relaxing, "chill-songs", and since Streets of Rage is one of the most memorable titles from my (early) youth, this song is pretty nostalgic too ) The melody fits in perfectly with the bassline (which could have been a bit "fatter" imo), and the kick (synth. drum or w/e) just makes me wanna nod my head Good one, I can't get enough of it
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