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  1. Ah, my all time favorite vg-mix For some reason, it affects me deeply, and has almost made me cry few times Yeah I know, I'm a whimp... Well, on to the actual song then. Tbh, I really don't know what should be done differently. I know I hear some things that don't blend in in my head (like the part at 1.49), but I just can't bring myself to think badly of it. If something was done differently, it might not have the same, melodramatic effect on me. I had it as my alarm-clock tune for like what, 2 years? Every single morning (not literally) I woke up to djpretzel - Sonic the Hedgehog Love Hurts. Yeah, I like it a little.. So, as you might have alredy figured, I really, really like this song. I really don't know why, 'cause I know there are some things in this song that I'd usually hate. Might be the melody, might be something else. Who knows, who cares, the important thing is the fact that this is a treasure right here.
  2. "Do rap and vg-mixes mix?" If someone was to ask me that question, I'd propably say no, just because...well, chocolate doesn't mix with chicken either. Then again, I hear mixes - such as this one - and I wonder if anyone has ever actually tasted chicken with chocolate. The start of the song is pretty non-existant. It just comes from somewhere, with a smooth, relaxing bassline, and way a melody way too familiar for me (HC Sonic the Hedgehog -fan since early 90's), and here we are, with another noname white-rapper (please do correct me if I'm wrong), rapping to a beat made from a video-game music track. Seems like a flop to me. But oh no, that's not what it is: The rapper, whom I've never heard of before, actually does a good job, even though the lyrics are quite cliché and even angsty at times (Well, it's still way better than your average "50cent - ho bling drugs guns" -rapping). What should be done differently then? Well for one, lift the beat up a notch or two: It's too quiet imo. Also, this will propably get me flamed but who cares: Leave rapping to black folks (I'm assuming from your lyrics/voice that you're white), because they are the one's who do it the best. To sum it up, good beat+good singing=good song. Nothing spectacular, but I listen to it at least once when ever it crosses my playlist. I wasn't trying to be mean, just honest (I'll say this before someone calls me a racist or w/e).
  3. This is a good piece right here. I like these, kind of relaxing, "chill-songs", and since Streets of Rage is one of the most memorable titles from my (early) youth, this song is pretty nostalgic too ) The melody fits in perfectly with the bassline (which could have been a bit "fatter" imo), and the kick (synth. drum or w/e) just makes me wanna nod my head Good one, I can't get enough of it